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Rumour: Deviation Games’ PS5 exclusive has a budget of more than $50 million


After several Deviation Games developers were laid off as Sony re-evaluated its projects, more details have emerged recently indicating the cost of the studio’s upcoming PS5 exclusive.

Says the bogorad222 Twitter account, the LinkedIn profile of Sean Edwards, Deviation Games’ COO from 2019 to 2021, claims the studio’s PS5 title had a budget of over $50 million, and while that seems a fairly modest number in comparison, With the money being spent on developing AAA titles these days, it’s still a lot of money.

Interestingly, bogorad222 also claims that the project was completely scrapped, saying in another tweet that an unnamed Deviation employee mistakenly admitted to him that Sony had “most likely” canceled the project due to “cost-cutting.”

Deviation Games was founded in June 2021 by veterans of Call of Duty developers Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony, who initially revealed the partnership with PlayStation. However, Blondel left the studio after one year in September 2022.

Not much is currently known about the studio’s new title, but it will presumably launch on PlayStation 5. Sony has also invested in more team titles with developers like Haven Studios and Firewalk Studios, so it’s likely that Deviation will be a team game as well.

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