Rumor has it that Best Buy will restock PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in stores tomorrow

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Find one in stock Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X was challenging for most of 2021, but things may look better later this week. According to the latest report from TechRadar, Best Buy will restock its console inventories in-store on Thursday, September 23 – making this the first physical restock of 2021 and your best chance yet to get your hands on an elusive next-gen console.

Best Buy has been one of the most reliable places to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X online since its launch last year. The electronics giant provided almost weekly stock changes until August, after which the supply dried up. Many had speculated that it simply couldn’t land any more shipments from Sony or Microsoft – who have seen both console production slowed due to ongoing semiconductor shortage — but it looks like Best Buy just held onto stock for a massive nationwide stock drop.

Nothing has been made official yet, but TechRadar’s sources seem reliable. Several anonymous leakers close to Best Buy have indicated that stores in the United States will receive more than 50 consoles on Thursday — though it’s unclear how they’ll be distributed to customers. In particular, the sources were unable to determine whether shoppers can just walk in and make a purchase, or whether they still need to go online before heading to their local store for a same-day pickup.

Either method would represent a significant change in Best Buy’s ordering process, as customers previously had to wait three to five business days after confirming an online purchase before their local retailer made it available for collection.

Here’s how PS5 and Xbox retail sales will (probably) work

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While there is still a lot of uncertainty about the situation, Best Buy has already set a precedent for retailing wildly popular electronics. Earlier this year we saw a limited supply of NVIDIA GPUs are up for grabs, and Best Buy used a simple first-come, first-served approach to determine which lucky customers walked away with the scarce products.

If that’s true of this slew of console additions, get to Best Buy as early as possible on Thursday morning, hop in line, and hope to get a coveted ticket that reserves your console of choice. Sources indicate that you’ll want to queue outside Best Buy by 7:30 a.m. local time for a chance to buy a console during the in-store restock.

Again – Best Buy has not officially confirmed a restocking event, but we’re cautiously optimistic that the leaked news will hold true. Be sure to keep an eye out Best Buy Twitter account for up-to-date information and details on how the 2021 first store restocking will proceed.

Where to find a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in stock

Playstation 5 and xbox series x

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If it doesn’t sound appealing to go to Best Buy and fight through hordes of customers, there are plenty of other ways to crochet a PS5 or Xbox Series X. The fastest option is to just visit a website like StockX, which almost always stock the latest consoles from Sony and Microsoft, although they are usually listed well above the suggested retail price.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro members may have the best chance of getting their hands on a next-gen console, as they will be notified when new supplies will appear and be the first to access the inventory.

Those options aside, Antonline has quickly become a reliable re-supplier in 2021, although it’s hard to say when the stock will drop. That’s why you should keep a close eye on her website.

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