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Ruediger: Tuchel? “Either you can handle it or you don’t” – WhatsNew2Day


Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Rüdiger worked together at Chelsea in the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 seasons. The international now raved about the Bayern coach.

“He is a coach who expects a lot. His ideas are on a different level,” said Rüdiger about his ex-coach in an interview with “Sport1”.

Tuchel is a “very honest” person who clearly communicates his requirements. “It’s always amazing for me to hear that on a human level a lot of outsiders complain about him. I think he’s a great guy,” said the Real Madrid defender.

At Chelsea, Rüdiger was a regular player under Tuchel. Together they brought the Champions League title to Stamford Bridge in 2021.

Rüdiger joined Real Madrid for the current season. He also has his ex-coach to thank for this change. “Of course everyone has to go their own way in the end, but of course it plays a big role in my transfer to Madrid,” emphasized the 30-year-old.

Rüdiger continued to rave: “For me he’s a clever man, I like him. What I appreciate most is that he’s direct. He’s straight ahead, not to the right or left. Either you as a player can handle it or you don’t.”

Musiala “in very good hands with FC Bayern”

In the interview, Rüdiger also commented on his DFB colleague Jamal Musiala. A few months ago, the central defender tried to lure the Bayern professional to Real Madrid.

But Rüdiger has now rowed back with his offer: “He is also in very good hands at Bayern. The club is still one of the three best clubs in the world. And in such a club he currently has a role that is for him personally , but it’s also very good for us as a national team.”

Musiala still has enough time in his career for a change. “He should continue to gain experience at Bayern and – that’s the most important thing – stay healthy,” said Rüdiger.

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