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RTX 4070: The price of the Nvidia card falls below 600 euros – what’s going on? – WhatsNew2Day


Nvidia’s RTX 4070 is falling in price.

659 euros is the price that Nvidia actually imagined as the lower limit for the start of the RTX 4070 (test). After about two weeks on the market, this value has already been significantly undercut.

Because the card has now been sold for less than 600 euros. How computer base reported, there was a corresponding offer for a custom model of the type Gainward Geforce RTX 4070 Ghost at Alternate.

When the item is released, there is unfortunately no offer that falls below the price limit. But even now there are models like the Palit Geforce RTX 4070 Dual OC, which are more than 30 euros below the RRP.

Offers for the RTX 4070 at Geizhals.

Offers for the RTX 4070 at Geizhals.

RTX 4070: Not what Nvidia envisioned?

Why the price drop at such a fast pace? Apparently, the RTX 4070 falls short of Nvidia’s expectations. According to figures from the online retailer Mindfactory, no card is currently selling as well as the RTX 4070.

Nevertheless, Nvidia had probably imagined more. At least that’s what the US side suspected Wccftechafter the RTX 4070 has already become cheaper in several countries or should be made more attractive with additional promotional offers.

What speaks for it: Although Nvidia is said to have already limited the delivery of the RTX 4070 (Igor’s Lab reported), it is currently available without any problems and in a large number of custom models. That doesn’t indicate a large number of customers.

Now it’s your turn! Do you think it’s good that the RTX 4070 has already fallen below the 600 euro mark? Was that perhaps the final spark to make the map interesting for you? Or is 600 euros still far too expensive for a mid-range card of this kind? And do you think the price of the graphics card will fall even further? Write it to us in the comments!

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