Home Life Style Royal expert claims King Charles and Kate Middleton decide to ‘avoid’ Harry in heartbreaking move

Royal expert claims King Charles and Kate Middleton decide to ‘avoid’ Harry in heartbreaking move

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Royal expert claims King Charles and Kate Middleton decide to 'avoid' Harry in heartbreaking move

Prince Harry is reportedly battling a rollercoaster of emotions after being completely frozen out by the royal family. speaking to In weekly contactA source reflected on the fact that the Duke of Sussex was left in the dark about King Charles and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s health scare, only finding out about it when it made headlines around the world.

Additionally, he and his wife Meghan Markle are not invited to Trooping the Color, scheduled for later this week, sparking feelings of resentment within the royals. “There are some days when Harry says he can’t take it anymore: the slights, the coldness that comes from the palace, it’s like he’s no longer part of that family,” the source revealed.

“Harry has been forced to take a step back from many of his previous friendships, including that of Hugh,” they explained, noting that most of his UK friends stopped speaking to him “out of loyalty to the royal family.” They continued: “Harry is extremely sensitive to people’s contempt for him, whether real or perceived” and has become isolated and “alone from his old life.” “Harry is surprised that Charles and Kate would reject it at a time when the family must stay together in the midst of a health crisis,” the royal expert added. “That’s heartbreaking for Harry.”

Harry also missed his friend the Duke of Westminster’s Hugh Grosvenor’s wedding last week in a bid to avoid the royal family. The Spare author is believed to miss his life in the UK, even regretting his decision to move to the US with his wife Meghan Markle.

The continued distancing has left Prince Harry feeling isolated and frustrated. The source noted that Harry’s feelings of alienation are exacerbated by a lack of communication from his family and the feeling that he is being deliberately excluded from important events and information.

As Harry and Meghan navigate their new lives in California, the disconnection from his royal roots seems to weigh heavily on him. The couple’s decision to step away from their royal duties and move to the US was intended to give them more freedom and privacy, but it also led to significant personal sacrifices and emotional turmoil.

Despite the success of his various media initiatives and philanthropic efforts, Harry’s sense of belonging and identity within the royal family remains unresolved. The stress of being separated from his family, combined with public scrutiny of his every move, has created a challenging environment for the Duke of Sussex.

The source added that while Harry appreciates the new opportunities and independence he has found in America, there are times when he deeply misses the familiarity and connections of his previous life in the United Kingdom. This ongoing internal conflict highlights the complexities of balancing personal happiness with family obligations and public expectations.

As Harry continues to grapple with these emotions, his journey underscores the broader struggles faced by people who must reconcile their personal desires with the expectations and demands of their roles and responsibilities. The future of Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the royal family remains uncertain as they resolve their differences and seek a path forward that respects both their commitments and well-being.

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