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Rossmoyne Senior High School in Perth present teacher with touching gift


Heartwarming moment when a teacher is overcome with emotion after his students present him with a touching $1,000 gift

  • Students gathered to buy the teacher’s favorite surfboard

A teacher almost burst into tears when a group of students gathered to buy his favorite $1,000 surfboard.

Students at Rossmoyne Senior High School in Perth filmed the heartwarming moment when they presented outdoor education teacher Hayden Forlonge with his gift.

In a video posted to TikTok, the teacher initially stands facing the whiteboard in the classroom as a group of students gather behind him, ready to present him with his “dream surfboard.”

“We wanted to get you something to show our appreciation for you,” says one student.

The camera pans back to the group of students carrying a surfboard in a board bag before telling them to turn around.

The teacher is stunned as he approaches the students and says, “guys, you didn’t have to do this.”

As he tries to open the bag, he can’t believe it and steps back and asks, “isn’t there something in it?”

‘There’s something in it,’ says one of the students. “Think we just got you a board bag?”

He looks inside before placing his hands over his face in disbelief.

The video then shows him spinning the board, which is believed to be an El Tomo board costing around $1,000.

He then thanks the students and tells them, “I think the best thing about it is that next time I’m in the water I’ll think of you every time and remember you as officially the best class I’ve ever had.” . .’

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