Home Sports Rory McIlroy denies breakup between him and Tiger Woods despite disagreements: “There is no tension there”

Rory McIlroy denies breakup between him and Tiger Woods despite disagreements: “There is no tension there”

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Rory McIlroy was going to rejoin the PGA Tour board of directors, but was met with pushback from other members.

They may not agree on the direction the sport should take, but Rory McIlroy insists his relationship with Tiger Woods is perfectly fine.

McIlroy said Thursday night at the Wells Fargo Championship in North Carolina that, despite a report that it was Woods who vetoed McIlroy from rejoining the PGA Tour’s political board, the two have not had any falling outs. Old friends no longer necessarily agree on everything.

“No, there’s no tension there,” McIlroy said of his relationship with Woods. “I think we might look at the future of golf a little differently, but I don’t think that should put a strain on a relationship or friendship.”

on the Tour’s policy board, although apparently that was… It wasn’t clear who, but McIlroy said earlier this week that things “became quite complicated and confusing.”

McIlroy had resigned from his position last fall. He did not reveal who was delaying his decision to return to the board and, instead, Simpson will remain in his seat until the end of his term. He said it was Woods who voted against McIlroy joining again.

Rory McIlroy was set to rejoin the PGA Tour board of directors, but ran into opposition from other members. (David Cannon/Getty Images)

to the “transactions subcommittee,” which is tasked with handling day-to-day negotiations between the Tour and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, which backs LIV Golf. Those merger talks are still ongoing even months after a self-imposed deadline passed in December. The subcommittee will report to the board. Woods is also on the committee, along with Tour commissioner Jay Monahan and others.

McIlroy, once one of the strongest opponents against LIV Golf, has since changed his stance on the Saudi-backed company. Reuniting the golf world, he has repeatedly said, is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later.

“It probably won’t feel great for either party, but if it’s a place where the game of golf starts to thrive again and we can all get back together, then I think ultimately it’s a really good thing,” he said. McIlroy.

McIlroy and Woods, despite seeing some things differently, are apparently still in a good place. The two will meet next week at the PGA Championship, where Woods will compete for the first time since The Masters, and both are behind the new TGL indoor golf league that will debut next year.

“I mean, I think friends can have disagreements or disagree on things, but have disagreements about things,” McIlroy said. “I think it’s okay. But no, I wouldn’t say it: we had a very good chat last Friday for 45 minutes about a lot of different things.”

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