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Ronaldo reveals that he has signed a new deal to stay in Barcelona in 1997 before leaving for Real Madrid

“It was never in my hands. I wanted to stay ‘: Ronaldo reveals that he has agreed a new deal to stay in Barcelona in 1997 before concluding a record deal with Inter Milan

  • Retired striker Ronaldo revealed that he would stay in Barcelona in 1997
  • He signed a deal, but it was withdrawn and he joined Inter Milan in a £ 27 million deal
  • Brazilian would move to rivals Real Madrid two years later for a successful spell

Brazilian legend Ronaldo has revealed that he has agreed a new contract to stay in Barcelona in 1997 – only for days later.

The breakdown of the talks would lead to a then world record £ 27 million move to Inter Milan, before returning to Spain in 1999 to join the former arch enemy of his Real Madrid club.

but Ronaldo insisted that he was happy to stay with the Catalan club and only found that contract negotiations had been interrupted while he was away from the Brazil national team.

Ronaldo told DAZN Italy: “I had signed a contract extension at the end of the season and I was leaving with the Brazil national team.

“Five days later they called me to tell me I could not continue with the renewal.

“It was never in my hands. I wanted to stay.

“If the club didn’t appreciate me the way I thought they should, the decision wasn’t in my hands. I would have liked to stay, but it wasn’t me. “

Ronaldo said about his time with Real: “I played with Roberto Carlos for Brazil, and he would tell me about everything Madrid represented and what he experienced there. That remained in my mind and after a few years I wanted to see it with my own eyes.

“I came to Madrid and it was even bigger than what Roberto had told me, bigger than I could imagine. It is Real Madrid. There is great expectation and great pressure. There are of course also the best players in the world.

‘I was very happy to discover that it was such a huge club and that I could help the club grow even bigger.

‘There was a lot of expectation about that’ Galacticos’ group. In the end we ensured a lot of showmanship, we were a winning generation and we changed the way we do business in football.

“Since then, every club has generated more money and sold their players better. That was the big change in a new football era.

‘I can’t tell you which version of mine was the best. I naturally enjoyed them all.

‘I love playing football and I love football. I think that is more a question for the fans. I tried to be my best career. “