Ron DeSantis rips up Supreme Court Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts for having no ‘backbone’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis accused Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts of having no “backbone” for siding with the liberal judges to uphold President Biden’s vaccine mandate for health professionals.

The Supreme Court on Thursday released a much-anticipated decision blocking Biden’s mandate to require companies with 100 or more employees to require vaccination or weekly tests. However, the Supreme Court allowed a mandate requiring facilities receiving federal funding to tell employees to get vaccinated.

“On the nursing mandate and the doctor’s mandate, Roberts and Kavanaugh joined the Liberals in allowing the nursing mandate,” DeSantis said Friday during a guest appearance on the ‘Ruthless’ podcast.

“So this is what’s going on, just think how insane this is,” he continued. “Now in Florida, we’ve protected the nurses, so we’ve got people working. But in other states they were firing nurses who weren’t vaccinated.”

Chief Justice John Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts

Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Judges John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh had “no backbone” to decide to allow Biden’s health care vaccine mandate

The court ruled 6-3 to reject the federal mandate for private employers, 5-4 to retain the mandate for federally funded healthcare facilities.

The court’s decision isn’t the final word on the healthcare mandate — 27 states had petitioned the Supreme Court to delay the rule while it’s being fought in lower courts.

DeSantis noted that hospitals in places like California are allowing Covid-positive nurses to return to work due to staff shortages.

“So they’re getting COVID-positive people back on, while the unvaccinated, probably immune from previous infection, healthy nurses are being fired on the sidelines,” the Sunshine State governor continued. “How insane is this policy?”

“But honestly, Roberts and Kavanaugh had no backbone in that decision,” DeSantis also said. “That’s just the bottom line.”

DeSantis signed a bill as early as November that would ban vaccine mandates in the state unless employers offer a wide variety of waivers.

“I called a special session of the legislature in November and we’ve put in place protections so you don’t lose your job in Florida because of these shots,” DeSantis said in the podcast. “You have the right to work.”

DeSantis said Thursday after the SCOTUS ruling that he would enforce Florida’s law banning vaccine mandates from private employers and requirements for public employees.

“We’re going to make sure that’s enforced, and we’re going to make sure we protect people so that their livelihoods aren’t ruined by an unconstitutional and really obstructed federal mandate,” DeSantis said.

But Mary Mayhew, president and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association, said centers that receive Medicare and Medicaid funding can still implement vaccine mandates for their employees.

“Hospitals are required to continue to meet the eligibility requirements of the programs and must comply with this federal vaccine requirement that is now being enforced by the highest court,” Mayhew, who previously served in the DeSantis administration, said according to Florida Politics.

Mayhew said hospitals are now caught up in the ongoing feud between Biden and DeSantis and “may still need clarity from the courts regarding federal precedence over Florida state law.”

On the other hand, Biden called the Supreme Court ruling against the private employer mandate “disappointing” but praised that the healthcare mandate “will save lives.” He encouraged private companies to demand vaccination of their own accord.

“This emergency standard allowed employers to require vaccinations or allow employees to refuse to be vaccinated, as long as they tested once a week and wore a mask at work: a very modest burden,” it said. the president.

“As a result of the Court’s ruling, it is now up to states and individual employers to determine whether they want to make their workplaces as safe as possible for employees, and whether their business will be safe for consumers during this pandemic by requiring employees to use the take necessary measures. simple and effective step to get vaccinated.’

Thirteen states, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, have banned or capped vaccine mandates, while many companies, including Macy’s and Starbucks, have already announced measures for their employees.

Democracy-led states like New York with their own mandates will not be affected and can enforce their rules, while states without rules can make their own decisions.