Roku settles YouTube dispute and closes apps in ‘multi-year’ deal

Roku has signed a deal with Google to continue distributing the YouTube and YouTube TV apps on its platform. The two disagreed over a contract extension, squabbling over what Roku described as Google’s tough demands for more data and more prominent placement on its devices.

If they didn’t reach an agreement by tomorrow, Google was planning to pull the YouTube app from Roku – a loss for virtually everyone involved, but especially Roku users who would no longer have been able to download a major video service. .

“This agreement represents a positive development for our shared customers, making both YouTube and YouTube TV available to all streamers on the Roku platform,” a Roku spokesperson Dallas Lawrence wrote in an email to The edge. Google has confirmed the deal to The edge and said both apps will be available through the Roku store.

Roku described the deal as a “multi-year extension” for YouTube and YouTube TV. YouTube TV was pulled from its channel store by Roku in April as tensions escalated between the two sides. After months of stalled negotiations, Google said in late October that it would withdraw the YouTube app on December 9 if no deal was reached.