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Rockwood Cemetery: Police forced to patrol site where rival gangland figures lay buried

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AUGUST 29, 2020 – Fares Abounader, a Comanchero cyclist was shot dead in a drive-by attack as his wife and young child were inside their Panania home.

OCTOBER 4, 2020 – Shaylin Zreika – an employee of the Alameddines – is beaten with a metal bar in a street fight in Strathfield

OCTOBER 18, 2020 – Rafat Alameddine’s former home is shot in a drive-by shooting

OCTOBER 19, 2020 – Mejid Hamzy is shot dead in Condell Park

JANUARY 30, 2021 – Mustafa Naaman is shot dead in Hurstville in suspected identity attack on Ibrahem Hamze

JANUARY 30, 2021 – Mejed Derbas is shot dead in Smithfield

FEBRUARY 15, 2021 – Bilal Hamze’s mother Maha Hamze comes under gunfire again in another drive-by shooting at her Auburn home

MARCH 12, 2021 – A house linked to the Alameddine family in Guildford is shot

6 AUGUST 2021 – Alameddine low-level employee Shady Kanj is shot in Chester Hill and found dead by police in Guildford

AUGUST 14, 2021 – Police foil alleged gang attack on Ibrahem Hamze when they see stolen Mercedes in Northern Sydney

OCTOBER 20, 2021 – Salim and Toufik Hamze are shot in front of their house in Guildford

NOVEMBER 10, 2021 – Drive-by shooting at Guildford, the home of an Alameddine employee. No one is hurt

JANUARY 6, 2022 – Bassam Hamzy’s brother, Ghassan Amoun, is shot dead at age 35 in a brutal daylight execution while sitting in a BMW outside a block of flats in western Sydney.

APRIL 4, 2022 – Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad aka ‘Mr Big’ is gunned down in a hail of bullets – after being warned by police that he had a million dollar bounty on his head for his role in deadly shootings in Greenacre.

MAY 10, 2022 – Comanchero bikies with ties to the Alameddine clan, Tarek Zahed and his brother Omar were shot at while training at an Auburn gym. Omar died on sight, while Tarek miraculously survived after being shot 10 times, including in the face.

MAY 14: Rami Iskander, 23, was shot in the torso before four hours on Saturday in front of his pregnant wife and two-year-old child at his home on Knox Street in Belmore. He is the cousin of Brownie Ahmad

MAY 15: NSW Police launch Strikeforce Erebus to try to tackle the growing problem of gang violence, with Australian Federal Police and intelligence agencies working with state police to stop the bloodshed.

JUNE 28: Former Lone Wolf bikie Yusuf Nazlioglu dies in hospital a day after being hit by 10 bullets in an underground car park in Rhodes

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