Rock Crusher and its Industrial Applications


machine required to crush rocks from large size to smaller rocks or rock powder is called. Crusher is also used in reducing waste materials, it becomes easier to dispose of if the recycle material is reduced in size. In crushing process material that is to crush in held between two surfaces which can be parallel or perpendicular to each other. Force is applied by mechanical advantage through a material that is stronger than the material which is being crushed to disintegrate crushing material into small pieces.

Most of the rock crushers have a hopper on top of it, which is used to feed rocks into the crushers using gravity. Belt drives are also used to transport rocks for continuous feed. Every rock crusher has a hole at the bottom, large rocks are crushed into small pieces when they reach the size of the hole, they pass through it, then it exits the machine by a conveyor into its storage or forming a large pile on the ground. in some cases, rocks crushed from one machine are transferred to another crusher in stages, to get the finer crush, usually, there are up to two or three stages.

Industrial Applications

In mining operations crushers are widely used, there are different types used for instance primary and secondary crushers are used in handling rough materials and tertiary crushers are used for ore partials for obtaining more finer particles. Each type has its capacity of feeding raw material, after crushing, crush is sent to the screening process for checking the grain size. In the screening process decision is made, if the grain should be processed more or not. Usually in a processing line in mines consists of crusher, SAG mill then ball mill followed in series.

During operation, the material which is to be crushed is first sent into the hopper of primary crushers using conveyors or dump trucks. The material feeding device is used to control the rate at which material should be supplied into the crusher by vibrating conveyors of belt drives, it also segregates different sizes of materials along the path for having proper size during crushing according to the type of crusher. In the primary crushing process, the material is reduced to a required size which can be handled by other crushers downstream.

Mobile crushers are also used, having the capacity to crush rocks up to 1.5 meters. They are usually used at my face in the pit. In road operation, these crushers are integrated with concrete and asphalt, which are unloaded on the road surface. That gives the advantage of moving large size material to an immobile crusher.

In most of the mining operations, the raw material excavated from the mine is in irregular size which is difficult to transport. if its size is big it can affect the transportation efficiency that’s why underground crushers are used to crush its size to practical size. This is the reason it plays an important role in mining.