Robots to protect dogs in the first trailer for Apple’s Finch, starring Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks returns to Apple TV Plus in Finch, an upcoming feature film about a robotics engineer who survives a new post-apocalyptic world with his four-legged friend Goodyear (and a robot).

The heart of FinchThe story of Hanks revolves around Hanks’ determination to find a caretaker for Goodyear after his death. The science fiction drama is set after a solar flare that devastated life on Earth. Finch, the engineer, has survived a post-apocalyptic wasteland for ten years in an underground bunker, where he lives with his dog Goodyear – a very good boy and Finch’s only companion after the catastrophic event.

In this underground workspace, Finch develops a robot, Jeff, with whom they embark on a treacherous journey to defeat a deadly storm to safety. Along the way, they must deal with extreme weather phenomena, merciless heat, UV radiation and other unexpected challenges.

The film arrives as Apple looks to ramp up its original film slate. Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon, award-winning drama code, Mahershala Ali starring swan song, and A24 connections The Tragedy of Macbeth and sharper are just a handful of titles that will debut on the service soon.

Apple has focused on developing award-winning titles rather than producing content on a budget, and Finch is the second feature film starring Tom Hanks to debut on the service after it has been acquired Greyhound from Sony last year. But to date, Apple’s original movies haven’t quite had the cultural impact that its critical darling had enjoyed Ted Lasso, which this year had a record number of Emmy nominations for a first-season comedy, and went on to take home seven awards, including Creative Arts Emmy Awards wins. Of the 35 total Emmy nominations this year, Apple won 11 Emmys in five titles on Sunday.

Greyhound was nominated for a slew of awards, including an academy award for best sound. But Finch will have a much broader appeal than a WWII drama. Apple has proven it can win on warm and fuzzy mass appeal. Perhaps Finch will finally help Apple TV Plus win the feature film award it has been looking for.

Finch premieres Friday, November 5 on Apple TV Plus.