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Robbie Keane on Conte’s Tottenham future: ‘The fans need some clarity’


Robbie Keane (former Spurs player between 2002 and 2008 then between 2009 and 2011): “The situation with Antonio Conte is not ideal. But the club has not yet communicated on a departure or on the maintenance of Conte in his post. I’m sure that will be sorted out in the next few days, certainly before Monday or Tuesday, because the players will be back in training.

But it’s not unusual to see Conte go home. He often does this during international breaks. He returns home and spends time with his family. It’s not surprising, because I believe there are only three first-team players who stayed at the club. Ryan Mason and other first-team coaches provide training. It’s not unusual. I think everyone, all Tottenham supporters need some clarity, it will definitely come in the next few days. »

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