Robbers jailed after she tied terrified pensioner, 72, to the stairs of her £ 1million mansion in a raid


Masked robbers are each sentenced to 10 years in prison after strapping the terrified 72-year-old to the stairs of her £ 1 million mansion, before hitting the road with Cartier ring, pearl necklace and Military Cross for £ 215,000 in cash and jewelry .

  • Eriks Valants and Jed Martin slapped 72-year-old Susan Hunt on the railing
  • They tied her hands with black tape and put a pillowcase over her head
  • Pensioner chewed through the tape and called the police to her Hampshire home

Two masked robbers have been imprisoned for 10 years after tying a petrified pensioner to the stairs of her £ 1 million home and looting £ 215,000 in cash and jewelry.

Eriks Valants and Jed Martin tied 72-year-old Susan Hunt to the railing, tied her hands with black tape, and put a pillowcase over her head during their raid.

In addition to jewelry, the villains also took a priceless World War II Military Cross medal and a letter signed by King George from Mrs. Hunt’s father-in-law.

Thinking Hunt would languish for hours in the six-bedroom property in Stockbridge, Hants, they left her water, fruit, and yogurt.

But the pensioner managed to chew through the tape and call the police, who ran to the house.

Valants, 23, and Martin, 27, both from Southampton, pleaded guilty to the robbery in March last year.

Jed Martin

Eriks Valants

Eriks Valants

Eriks Valants (right) and Jed Martin (left) slapped 72-year-old Susan Hunt on the rail, bound her hands with black tape, and put a pillowcase over her head during their raid.

Prosecutors said Ms. Hunt was left terrified to be in her own home after the break-in.

Winchester Crown Court overheard the retiree being awakened by Valants and Martin who lit a torch to her face and demanded that she reveal the code to her safe.

They ran off with a Cartier ring, an Omega watch, a three-strand pearl necklace and a David Morris pearl and diamond necklace with matching earrings worth £ 215,000.

None of the items were recovered, including the king’s precious medal and letter.

Andrew Houston, prosecutor, told the court that Ms. Hunt said it “ felt hours ” that they were in her house, leaving her “ traumatized, disoriented and scared ” and “ terribly afraid of people coming back. ”

He added: “There was a little bit of compassion – they asked how long it would take for someone to come, and told her you can live on the water for three days. [adding] “I can’t be bad, I have to do this.” ‘

On the night of the break-in, they had made four attempts to enter the detached house with swimming pool, and when the police arrived, they found a knife left outside the property.

To mitigate, Peter Asteris said Valants was “significantly sorry” for what he did.

He added that Valants had issues with some dangerous people and that “he is shocked at what he got involved with that night.”

Tessa Shroff represented Martin, saying that his life had been “ spiraling ” for a long time and that he carried out the robbery “ under pressure to repay a debt. ”

She told the court he wanted to “ express remorse and sympathy for the impact on her (Ms. Hunt), ” and since he has been in prison, he has sought help after a troubled childhood.