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Road to Vostok already had strong STALKER vibes, but also learns from Tarkov – WhatsNew2Day


Road to Vostok is reminiscent of Stalker with its dark, Eastern European setting.

The single-player shooter Road to Vostok is reminiscent of the Stalker series with its post-apocalyptic setting. After one since last year free demo of the game is available, the developer is introducing a new, improved version for you to try for free. Escape from Tarkov also inspired him.

What is Road to Vostok?

The single player shooter takes place in a post-apocalyptic future and lets you explore the border region of Russia and Finland. The game focuses on the most challenging and realistic experience possible and also contains survival elements. A trailer shows you what the first demo looks like:

Realistic hardcore shooter Road to Vostok introduces playable demo

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Realistic hardcore shooter Road to Vostok introduces playable demo

The aim of the shooter is to reach the city of Vostok by fighting your way through several open maps. You can only save in safe shelters that can be found in the world. When you finally enter Vostok, things get even more difficult: should you die while exploring the city, you will lose your entire character and will not be able to load a previous save.

What improvements are there?

in one YouTube video the developer explains that over 300,000 players tried the first demo. He has dealt with their feedback in detail and has now integrated many improvements.

Weapons and Combat: Road to Vostok’s shooter gameplay didn’t feel very satisfying in the first demo. Inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, he improved a lot, for example:

  • Weapon Mods: Weapons are now modular and can be customized at will with things like sights or silencers.
  • Improved Audio: The sounds of all weapons have been renewed and now sound much better.
  • Better recoil: The recoil has also been revised and should now be in the right place between realism and fun.

Inventory system: The inventory has been extensively improved and now offers significantly more functions such as rotating and swapping items, a character preview, hotkeys and more.

Improved inventory

The inventory not only looks better, but also has new features.

New content

A lot has also happened in terms of content, a map has been expanded and many new features have been introduced.

Other changes and new features: Among other things, it can now be winter in the game world, a map has been expanded, you can climb ladders and use night vision devices.

Road to Vostok should finally take the next big step in the third quarter of 2023, when the next, significantly expanded demo version will be released. The dates for early access and the full release of the shooter have not yet been set.

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