Rita Ora reveals she’s been immortalised as a postage stamp in Kosovo

Rita Ora, a 32-year-old surprise birthday celebration, has revealed that she’s been made into a postal stamp in Kosovo.

The singer posted a picture of her face to Instagram and thanked the audience for sharing it. She also shared that her grandfather, who received a similar tribute to him for his contributions to Film and Arts, was also honored with an Instagram post. 

Rita also shared a gallery with images that documented her recent birthday trip to The French Alps. Rita enjoyed a relaxing stay in a chalet together with a number of friends.

Touching tribute: Rita Ora has revealed she’s been turned into a postage stamp in her native country of Kosovo, as a surprise to celebrate her 32nd birthday

The stunning stamp image shows Rita sporting a mass of blonde curls, a bold red lip and an impressive stamp image. The star revealed that she couldn’t receive the stamp in person because of her work commitments.

Her Caption: “I feel so thankful today. Thank you @postakosova, for this wonderful surprise on my birthday. 

‘I have been awarded a official stamp of post (in case your mail contains my face) in Kosovo.

“I’m so happy and honored to be with my grandfather #BesimSahatciu, who was equally recognized for his contributions in Art and Films. 

Delighted: The Singer Took To Instagram To Share A Snap Of Her Beauty Immortalised On The Piece (Picutred During Her Recent Birthday Getaway To The French Alps)

Delighted: The singer took to Instagram to share a snap of her beauty immortalised on the piece (picutred during her recent birthday getaway to The French Alps)

Elated: In Her Post, Rita Also Revealed That Her Own Grandfather Had Been Immortalised On A Stamp A Year Earlier, In Recognition For His Work In Arts And Film

Elated: Rita revealed in her post that Rita’s grandfather was immortalized on a stamp one year prior to his death in recognition of his contributions in Arts and Film.

Proud: Rita Said She Is 'So Grateful' To Be Immortalised On One Of Kosovo'S Postage Stams In Recognition Of Her Illustrious Career

Proud: Rita expressed her pride at being immortalized on a Kosovo postage stamp in recognition of her remarkable career.

Far Away: The Star Added That She Was Unable To Accept The Honour In Person Due To Work Commitments, And Added To The Post With A Gallery Of Snaps From Her French Break

Faraway: The star stated that she could not accept the honour personally due to work commitments. She also added a gallery of photos from her French holiday.

“I’m so sorry I can’t be there to receive this in person due to work commitments. But when I can, I will make sure to visit you and express my gratitude! Thank you! 

“And to all other people, thank you for your birthday wishes. I’m blessed to have such great friends and family. I can’t wait for you to see what I’ve been up and running. Get ready for 2023! This is the future! You are my love!

Rita was the daughter of Albanian parents. She was born in Pristina (in the former Yugoslavia) and moved to London in the year following Rita’s birth. 

Kosovo is the 2nd-youngest country in Europe and the 2nd in the world. It declared independence from Serbia in February 2008. 

The star shared images from her recent birthday trip, including photos taken during her intense workout and the celebratory birthday cake.

Luxurious! In Her Post, Rita Shared A Gallery Of Snaps

Yum! She Also Posted An Image Of The Cake She Was Gifted To Celebrate Her 32Nd Birthday

Luxurious! Rita shared a gallery with snaps, including the cake she received to celebrate her 32nd Birthday.

Very Relaxing! The Star Also Enjoyed A Face Mask As She Relaxed In A Lavish Chalet With A Group Of Pals To Celebrate Her Birthday

It was very relaxing! As she celebrated her birthday, the star enjoyed a face mask while relaxing in a luxurious chalet with some friends.

Cosy! The Star Also Donned A Casual Black Hoodie And Matching Leggings As She Endured A Gruelling Workout

Cosy! As she endured a hard workout, the star wore a black hoodie with matching leggings.

Picturesque: The Star Shared A Selection Of Images Displaying The Decor Inside Her Birthday Chalet

Time Away: She Jetted Away To The Alps With A Group Of Friends

Picturesque: After a trip to the Alps, the star shared a selection images showing the decorations inside her birthday chalet.

According to reports, the singer was enjoying a luxury chalet near Mount Blanc with her closest friends. The Sun.

Rita spared no expense for the swanky chalet – owned by the Ultima Collection – which reportedly comes at an eye-watering cost of £22,000 per night.

Rita was joined by Vas J Morgan, a former TOWIE star. Taika Waititi, her partner in crime, was reported to have flown in just for a few days.

According to a source, Rita’s friends were used to Rita’s celebrity lifestyle. However, they all claimed that they have never experienced luxury like it.

‘Taika [Waititi] He was unable to make it for the entire week, but he flew out for just a few days. They enjoyed a fancy dinner prepared by Rita’s private chef, with Rita’s Tequila for the margaritas.

Fun: The Singer Was Living It Up With Some Of Her Closest Pals In A Luxurious Chalet Located Near Mount Blanc (Pictured With Her Friends On The Trip)

Fun: The singer was having a great time with some of the closest friends at a luxurious chalet near Mount Blanc.

Rita’s dream of ‘2022 was a reality, professionally and personally. She Is the most content she’s been in a very long time.

Rita later took a dip in the swimming pool at the luxury chalet. 

This is after Rita complained about Rita’s incessant attention to her love life. She enjoyed focusing on her work and enjoying relationships.

After a string high-profile relationships, the singer finally settled down.

Rita reflected on her ten-year career in showbiz during a Tuesday interview with Louis Theroux.

Lavish: Rita Spared No Expense For The Swanky Chalet Which Reportedly Comes At An Eye-Watering Cost Of £22,000 Per Night

Style: For One Look, Rita Donned A Navy Turtle Neck Top With Blue Sleeves With Black And Yellow Trousers

Lavish: Rita spared no expense for the swanky chalet which reportedly comes at an eye-watering cost of £22,000 per night

Louis asked her about her love life and she said that she loves love, being in love is amazing and so much fun. 

‘Who doesn’t? I live life to its fullest. Although I am passionate about love, I don’t live my life based on it.

“I don’t think I base my moments on ‘Oh, this is what I remember because of that relationship’. That’s an additional part of my life. I’ve always been very insistent on focusing on me, my work.

Rita continued, “Look, women are men.” Men don’t get asked, ‘Oh, you’ve had 100 boyfriends or girlfriends’. Sometimes they do, but they rarely do.

“It’s part of the territory.

A Source Said: 'A Lot Of Rita'S Friends Are Used To Her Celebrity Lifestyle But They Were All Saying They Had Never Known Luxury Like It'

A source said: ‘A lot of Rita’s friends are used to her celebrity lifestyle but they were all saying they had never known luxury like it’ 

Calvin Harris, the Hot Right Now singer’s most serious boyfriend, was her one-year relationship with him in 2013.

Calvin was not the only star she made headlines for, but so were her affairs with Travis Barker, Andrew Garfield, Rob Kardashian and James Arthur.

Rita also shared how she’s always dreamed of being married since childhood, during her secret wedding to Taika.

Rita is reported to have married the 47-year-old film director in a low-key ceremony this year. However, she has not confirmed the marriage, but close friends have.

Speaking Out: Rita Recently Slammed The Constant Attention On Her Love Life As She Enjoyed 'Focusing On Me And My Work' (Pictured With Taika Waititi In March 2022)

Speaking out: Rita has recently criticised the constant attention she receives on her relationship life. She said that she enjoys ‘focusing on myself and my work’ (pictured in March 2022 with Taika Waititi).

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