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Rishi Sunak Praises ‘Special’ Visit to India Prior to G20 Summit in Politics’ Most Recent Update


Rishi Sunak described his first trip to India as Prime Minister as a “special” moment, noting descriptions of him as “India’s son-in-law”.

Speaking on a flight to Delhi ahead of the G20 summit, the Prime Minister said the country was “very near and dear to me”.

He added that he was “thrilled” to return to his wife Akshata Murty after he cut short his annual trips to India when he became chancellor.

Sunak is the first British Prime Minister of Indian descent and Narendra Modi has suggested that he is an example of a “living bridge” between the two nations.

Ms Murty’s parents, billionaire computer entrepreneur Narayana Murty, and Sudha, a teacher and philanthropist, are leading figures in India. Murty has previously been dubbed “India’s Bill Gates.”

The Prime Minister is expected to meet Modi on the first day of the G20 summit on Saturday, when discussions are likely to include highlights of the trade deal under discussion between the UK and India.

Sunak and Murty will make several joint visits during their short trip to the country, including a Hindu temple in Delhi.

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