Rihanna cheers A$AP Rocky on as he announces his new album Don’t Be Dumb

Rihanna played the part of the supportive girlfriend for partner A$AP Rocky on Thursday.

The beauty, 34, wore a $12K Prada bomber jacket with a brown shirt and large earrings as she cheered him on at the on Amazon Music Live in Los Angeles.

The rapper announced his upcoming album Don’t Be Dumb and performed three new songs.

Lavish support: Rihanna (34), wore a $12K Prada bomber jacket to support her boyfriend A$AP Rocky’s performance at Amazon Music Live in Los Angeles.

Perfect for fall: Her The entire look was done in a chocolate brown color

As she maneuvered through the crowd, the Diamonds hitmaker flashed a huge smile for her fans. 

Rihanna wore her raven locks up in a braided bun with long, flowing bangs that were styled down her left side.

The Grammy Winner’s radiant skin was highlighted by flawless glam, while gold jewelry gilded her neck & ears. 

Rihanna’s Prada bomber jacket retails at $12,400.  

The multiplatinum-selling superstar was enveloped in soft brown leather. It kept her warm and stylish for A$AP Rocky’s big announcement. 

Make way for Queen: The billionaire mogul wore the costly fashion statement as a support partner to her rapper on her big night.

A-list attire

Superstar in the House: The Diamonds hitmaker commanded attention when A$AP Rocky announced his upcoming album, Don’t Be Dumb, and performed three new songs.

The glam mogul: Rihanna wore raven hair in a braided top knot with long bangs down her left side. The Grammy Winner’s radiant skin was highlighted by flawless glam and gold jewelry that gilded the neck and ears.

The Grammy-nominated rapper made an announcement about his new album, Don’t Be Dumb, during a commercial for Thursday Night Football.

‘Thursday Night Football,’ he declared. ‘Amazon. First time back on stage. Album finished. Don’t Be Dumb. Let’s go.’

The F**kin’ Problems rapper – born Rakim Athelaston Mayers – went on to perform three new tracks from his long-teased album. 

One of the new songs was a tribute to fallen hip-hop icons. The rapper projected images of Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur and DMX while he performed. 

His big night: The Grammy-nominated rapper appeared on television during a commercial break of Thursday Night Football to announce his new album, Don’t Be Dumb, ahead of his live streamed performance for Amazon Music Live.

New music: The F**kin’ Problems rapper went on to perform three new tracks from his long-teased album

Rocky stated to the crowd, “You have to know that we are the highest statistic of losing people.” “No other genre loses rockstars. Country artists are the same.

He called them hip-hoppers and said, “We get killed and shot every day.” Overdoses, all kinds of unfortunate events. 

Although the Praise the Lord chart-topper didn’t reveal Don’t Be Dumb track list or release date for his album, he teased two additional songs, Roddy Rowdy Piper (and Mushroom Clouds) to be released. 

Rihanna watched A$AP Rocky perform a few of his classic songs as he made his big announcement. 

The big announcement of the rapper goes hand in hand Rihanna’s return music after building her fashion- and beauty empire.

The megastar is getting ready for her Super Bowl Halftime performance next February. She also recently released the lead song for the blockbuster movie. Black Wakanda Forever: Panther  

There are many more: A$AP Rocky’s big news is in conjunction with Rihanna’s return to music after her fashion and beauty empire. The superstar is gearing up for her Super Bowl Halftime performance in February next year. She recently released the lead single from the blockbuster film. Black Wakanda Forever: Panther

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