A senior British soldier has been jailed and expelled from the army after forcing junior recruits to take part in a naked initiation ceremony.

Rifleman Kieran Trewin, 26, admitted to leading the humiliating event, described as “naked icebreakers,” forcing young soldiers to stand on a chair and undress in front of up to 20 colleagues.

They were then questioned about their sex lives and girlfriends, while father-of-one Trewin “passed” their genitals, was told a court martial.

The young soldiers – all of whom had recently joined – also had to box each other “completely naked” unlike the boxing gloves they had been given.

A military court in Tidworth Garrison, Wiltshire, learned that the ceremony was held behind closed doors in a 1st Regiment kitchen, The Rifles Barracks in Chepstow, close to the border with England and Wales.

The two-day court martial heard that up to 20 soldiers had enjoyed a drink outside a block before going inside to continue drinking in a company kitchen.

Rifleman Kieran Trewin (pictured), 26, admitted to leading the humiliating event, described as “naked icebreakers,” forcing young soldiers to stand on chairs and undress in front of up to 20 colleagues

Once in the kitchen, however, six young soldiers were instructed to stand on a chair in front of the rest of the company and “strip” until they were “completely naked.”

A junior soldier refused to participate in the ritual and left for his room, the court heard.

But the rest did as they were told.

One of the soldiers – who cannot be named by name for legal reasons – said: ‘The night was not a regular occurrence, and at first I thought it was a social event…

“Our names were called and we moved forward… I didn’t know this was going to happen, it surprised me.

‘We had been drinking for about an hour. Me [and five other Riflemen] were in front. We had all recently joined.

“Rfn Trewin called our names and we had to undress naked, sit on a chair and tell our life stories.

“We had to answer all the questions they asked us. We felt nervous. There were between 15 and 20 people in the kitchen, all junior soldiers.

A Military Court In Tidworth Garrison (Pictured), Wiltshire, Learned That The Ceremony Was Held Behind Closed Doors In A 1St Regiment Kitchen, The Rifles Barracks In Chepstow, Close To The Border With England And Wales

A military court in Tidworth Garrison (pictured), Wiltshire, learned that the ceremony was held behind closed doors in a 1st Regiment kitchen, The Rifles barracks in Chepstow, close to the border with England and Wales

“I was asked to stand on the chair – completely naked – and tell my life story: where I lived, what I had done with my life before…

‘I was also asked about my ex-girlfriend… her bust size, if she has a nice ass, if she was a nice s***.

‘I wasn’t happy about it. It made me really uncomfortable.

“Rfn Trewin approached me from the right and slapped my penis. He joked about my penis and grabbed it briefly with his index finger and thumb and rubbed it lightly.’

Another soldier told the court how, after being subjected to similar ridicule, he was forced to fight a fellow junior soldier while still naked.

The soldier told the court: “We were introduced to an ”icebreaker” in the kitchen.

‘[Rfn Trewin] said: ‘Some of you are quite new, so you will have to introduce yourself’.

“One by one we took turns standing on the chair, undressing and introducing ourselves.

“When I sat on the chair, I gave my name, where I lived and what I did before joining the army…

“Rfn Trewin then came up to me and played with my genitals with his finger for three to five seconds. I asked him to stop and covered my genitals.

‘[Later on] I also had a boxing fight with boxing gloves on… [another soldier] made sure it didn’t go too far – he was sort of a referee.

“We were still naked then.”

Another gunman added that the doors were “locked” so that no one could leave during the naked boxing fights.

He said: ‘We were told to stand on the chair and undress naked while we talked about ourselves…then we were told to sing a song of our choice.

‘[Later] there was a boxing match. We were given boxing gloves and we were paired up to fight.

‘Everyone in the kitchen saw us fighting; Rfn Trewin and [another soldier] coached us and encouraged us to be aggressive towards the other person.

“There were about twenty other people there and they locked the doors so no one could get out. I was knocked to the ground.’

Speaking of the ceremony, Commander Peter Barker said, “Rfn Trewin was one of the senior soldiers in the company.

“There came a time, at half past six or eight, when the music was turned down and Rfn Trewin and [another soldier] delivered a letter that [soldiers] were not allowed to take videos or photos.

‘Five or six’ [soldiers] who had recently joined were identified and the procedure explained to them.

‘After the icebreaker’ [one rifleman] says he was told what to drink. After leaving a few drops in the beer bottle, he was beaten by Rfn Trewin.’

At trial, Rfn Trewin, who joined the military in 2016, had denied touching the penises of two soldiers and hitting another. He pleaded guilty to four other charges, including one of conducting the ceremony.

Trewin was convicted of all crimes. He was sentenced to 18 months in military detention at the Military Corrective Training Center in Colchester and discharged from the army.

The disgraced soldier jailed, Judge Advocate Andrew Smith told him: “[These young soldiers] were new, impressionable and above all wanted to show that they belonged to the unit.

“There was pressure to go along with the ceremony, and this kind of behavior is not acceptable.

This was described as an ‘ice breaker’, but you asked them to stand on a chair and tell an audience of up to 20 people about their girlfriends.

“There were some naked boxing fights back then where two soldiers were paired up against each other.

“Your position of responsibility as a senior gunner has been abused… you have been looked up to.

“There’s no room for initiation ceremonies in the military.”