Richard Scudamore insists that changes in the Premier League are likely


‘The actions of the six have changed some of the momentum forever’: Former Premier League chief Richard Scudamore insists there are now major changes for England’s top flight after executives from breakaway clubs step down from their advisory role.

  • The Big Six chief executives have retired from the Premier League roles
  • Richard Scudamore says he expects changes after the escape attempt
  • Former top chef insists rules meant split would never happen

Richard Scudamore has predicted major changes in the way English football is governed in the wake of the fateful European Super League.

The former Premier League chief, who has advised current incumbent Richard Masters, has claimed confidence among the six breakaway clubs had been completely eroded by the fallout from last week.

Scudamore insisted that the top flight’s existing rulebook would have prevented the six from leaving for the ESL, revealing they had been warned about that ahead of this month’s announcement.

Former chief Richard Scudamore insists major changes are on the way for the Premier League

“I don’t think life will ever be the same,” said Scudamore. ‘I think changes will come. The actions of the six have changed some of the dynamic forever.

I would like to think that the six will come round the table again at some point. Not immediately because there is too much anger now.

Change is inevitable. It could be a self-regulatory change and yes, there could be an external regulatory change.

‘There must be consequences. Things have to change. Something has to be gained for what they have done through commitments or changes in attitude. ‘

Executives of the clubs involved have resigned from their advisory role to the Premier League at the request of the division’s 14 other clubs.

Scudamore spoke to Gary Neville on his new YouTube channel, The Overlap

Scudamore spoke to Gary Neville on his new YouTube channel, The Overlap

I’m talking to Gary Neville The overlap, Scudamore added: ‘The board wrote to all 20 Premier League clubs saying that anyone thinking of doing this think again as there are rules that say you cannot do this without the express permission of the board.

“There was a line in that letter saying that under no circumstances could we see that the board would ever give you permission.

‘I have been advising the clubs for quite some time about how unacceptable such a move would be. I’ve been telling them for years it’s a crazy idea and it could never happen.

‘Breaking to the limit suddenly and trying to create any kind of private competition is a fraud in its concept.

‘It has been used as a threat and a medium of exchange for a long time. The courage of this whole thing is that with these six, it was a stretch in time. It’s all wrong. Go back ten years and it would have been another six. ‘

Scudamore told Neville that the Big Six's escape would never have been allowed

Scudamore told Neville that the Big Six’s escape would never have been allowed

However, Scudamore protested the need for outside regulation and insisted that funding from the Premier League’s divisions is sufficient.

“It doesn’t need independent regulation,” he said.

‘I didn’t say no to more regulation, I said no to independent regulation. Honesty is a very, very difficult concept. It’s proportional.

“I don’t think they will give away tons of money to perpetuate the surplus all the way in the pyramid.”

The overlap is a new YouTube channel from Gary Neville in partnership with Sky Bet.