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Rich McCormick beats Trump-backed Jake Evans in Republican primary runoff in Georgia

Rich McCormick defeats Trump-backed Jake Evans in Georgia Republican primary, a day after the former president held a rally for his candidate

Emergency room physician Rich McCormick has defeated a Donald Trump-backed attorney in Georgia’s congressional race.

McCormick defeated Jake Evans in a Republican runoff election Tuesday, just a day after the former president held a rally in support of the attorney.

The doctor, who was supported by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, defeated Evans by a margin of 20 points. The Associated Press called the election shortly before 8:30 p.m.

Evans is the second Trump-approved candidate to see defeat at Peach State on Tuesday night.

The split between the pair centered on their Republican ideals, with both candidates arguing that the other was not conservative enough.

First Aid Doctor Rich McCormick Beats a Donald Trump-Backed Attorney in Georgia's Congressional Race

First Aid Doctor Rich McCormick Beats a Donald Trump-Backed Attorney in Georgia’s Congressional Race

McCormick and Evans came out on top in the Georgia primary on May 24.

However, neither candidate received enough votes to reach the 50 percent threshold needed to win the primary, kicking off the second round.

McCormick, who landed the Republican bid for Georgia’s sixth congressional district on Tuesday, celebrated the victory from his campaign headquarters.

“We’ve got a job to do…let’s get started,” he said, according to Fox 5 Joi Dukes who posted a short video clip of his speech.

The former military pilot and emergency room doctor was met with cheers and applause after his comments.

He previously ran for Congress in 2020. He lost the bid for the state’s seventh congressional district in a close race against Democrat Carolyn Bourdeaux.

McCormick was supported in this final race by Cruz and a handful of Georgia Congressmen, including Representatives Jody Hice, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Buddy Carter.

His opponent was supported by Trump. The former president held a tele-rally Monday night and called on his supporters to vote for Evans.

“Jake has been a fearless defender of our Constitution,” Trump said at the virtual event. “Jake risked his entire career—he took a huge risk, his entire career, in fact—to fight for election integrity for the illegal and unconstitutional changes to the Pennsylvania electoral law, all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. United States.’

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