RFK’s grandson Conor Kennedy reveals he secretly fought in Ukraine

Connor Kennedy, 28, revealed on Instagram that he fought in Ukraine earlier this year

Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson, Connor, has revealed that he fought in secret in Ukraine earlier this year, despite having no military experience.

In an Instagram post, Connor, 28, said earlier this year that he was “moved” to enlist with the Ukrainian International Legion – a branch of foreign volunteers – after the Ukrainian armed forces made a desperate plea for help.

He didn’t say when he fought or how long he was there, but he said he “liked being a soldier more” than he expected.

‘I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ukrainian International Legion, I knew I was going, and I went to the embassy to enlist the next day.

“I told one person here where I was, and I told one person there my real name.

“I didn’t want my family or friends to worry, and I didn’t want to be treated differently there.

“When I went in I had no previous military experience and I wasn’t a big shot, but I could carry heavy things and learned quickly. I was willing to die there too.’

The Ukrainian International Legion was a hastily assembled branch of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in which foreign volunteers of competent body from abroad were invited to participate in combat, regardless of their military background or lack thereof.

In April, the Legion changed its rules and started accepting only those who did have combat experience.

Corporal Damien Magrou, the legion’s spokesman, said at the time: “We have realized that educating people who do not have that experience takes a lot of resources.

“We are grateful for the support, but people with no combat experience are more of a burden than a help.”

Connor admitted he “wasn’t a good shot,” but claims he was sent to the Northeast Front.

Kennedy, 28, shared this photo of a friend from the war on Instagram. He said he joined the International Legion after watching the war unfold from a distance

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Connor described his time fighting in Ukraine on Instagram. He says he only told one person who he was there

“When I went in I had no previous military experience and I wasn’t a big shot, but I could carry heavy things and learned quickly. I was also willing to die there.

“So they quickly agreed to send me to the northeast front.

‘I enjoyed being a soldier, more than I expected. It is scary.

“But life is simple, and the rewards for finding courage and doing good are considerable.”

It is unclear why and when he returned to the US.

He wrote cryptically, “My friends there know why I had to go home.”

He also urged his followers to join the fray, saying, “This war will determine the fate of democracy in this century….

Connor Kennedy and Taylor Swift at the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, in 2012

In 2016, Connor was arrested in Aspen for disorderly conduct

“They cannot be asked to act alone.”

Connor’s parents are RFK Jr. and Mary Richardson Kennedy, who committed suicide in 2012 at the family’s home in Bedford, New York.

His sister, Kyra, was among those who confirmed the mission, writing below it, “I love you, big brother.”

His girlfriend, Brazilian model Giulia Bourguignon Marinho, also confirmed his time in the war.

“You’re the bravest man I’ve ever known, my love… being away from you and worrying for all these months was incredibly hard, but we believed ourselves all through, and I just want to tell you [once more] how proud I am.’

His father has not yet responded.


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