Revolve Law Group Announces Expansion Plans

Positioned as the law firm of the future, led by an all-female team of partners, Revolve Law Group reveals how their intuitive, strategic approach tips the scales in favor of results.

Newport Beach, CA –News Direct– Revolve Law Group

In Law360’s Glass ceiling report Released less than a year ago, it was reported that female partners make up just 25% of law firms nationwide, while women make up 40% of all lawyers in the US. These statistics illustrate a small picture of the gender equality imbalance in the traditionally male-dominated industry, which is currently on track to achieve gender equality in equity partnerships in 160 years (according to a 2015 analysis by The American Lawyer in its Special Report: Big Law Is Failing Women). At a time of global social and economic disruption, Revolve Law Group has embarked on a quest to increase women’s equality in the legal profession while setting new standards for respect, accountability and results. In a family member press release, Guy Kulandski, CEO and co-founder of Premonition, which is considered the world’s largest database of lawsuits, stated, “If female lawyers were compensated based on how often they actually win cases, they would be paid more than men.” Driven by their core principles, Revolve Law Group partners design their interactions with clients and opposing counsel to listen more than most, think about what the optimal outcome actually means for all involved, including their adversaries, create strategies that are tailored versus textbook, that puts the client on the team, and emphasizes transparent communication and compassion during the process process. This mosaic of different choices has proven to be a formula for developing exceptionally satisfied customers and delivering superior results. Revolve’s collective team of partners are inspired to cultivate and grow their team of like-minded female professionals passionate about leading the next wave of change in the legal profession with an unparalleled determination to do so.

“We’ve all heard and even used the words ‘The Future is Female’, but the future is here, now. At Revolve Law Group, we make everyday choices that will drive change for female leadership in the legal profession today, tomorrow and beyond .”–Kimberly Wright, Esq, Founder and Managing Partner

About Revolve Law Group:

Founded by Kimberly Wright, Esq and Jessica Monroe, Esq and CPA, Revolve Law Group is designed to put the customer at the center of every collaboration. Committed to their core principles that guide all their movements, the company leads with determination, courtesy, curiosity, integrity, compassion and a dose of humor. The practice of law is serious business, but it does not have to be without laughter. Laughter improves health, the overall quality of life and leads to increased productivity. The Irvine-based law firm focuses on areas of practice such as tax, civil litigation, appeals and subpoenas, asset protection, corporate law and real estate law. However, the company and its partners specialize in building relationships through concierge support. Revolve Law Group is home to trusted advisors focused on tomorrow’s solutions, with unparalleled dedication, to clients who value the convergence of ingenuity and foresight.

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