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Review: Herman Miller X Logitech G Vantum Gaming Chair

Vantum Red Rear
Image: Herman Miller X Logitech G

There are particular pieces of recommendations we want we might return and offer our early-20s selves. We’re talking useful, preventative health pointers borne of life experience; things that might have conserved us physical pain– if not totally discomfort– and put our now-30-something bodies in much better stead for the years ahead. Tips like ‘purchase an electrical screwdriver!’. We wound up putting together a massive quantity of IKEA furnishings in the last years approximately and would have conserved ourselves a great deal of time and hand, wrist, and arm pressure by paying out for a good 18W Black+Decker years earlier.

One such piece of suggestions to conserve our hurting back would be to buy a good chair for work and play. Get In Herman Miller and Logitech G with their most current video gaming offering, the Vantum. Following on from the Embody– the very first cooperation in between the business to use players a premium video gaming chair (a $1,695/ ₤ 1410 premium, no less)– the Vantum is billed as their “first-ever efficiency chair made particularly for players”.

Zion from our video group took an extensive take a look at the Embody back in 2020 and discovered it to be– as you would hope provided the rate– a really great item. It was generously clear that the Embody would not be within numerous a player’s spending plan, so the Vantum is a more decently priced option.

That’s not to state it’s low-cost. Presently noted for $795 on Herman Miller’s site (₤ 845 in the UK), this is barely a ‘budget plan’ alternative, however at less than half the rate of the Embody, it’s definitely more cost effective and boasts the exact same attention to ergonomic information you ‘d get out of a company with a track record for providing the absolute best in business when it pertains to parking your derrière for extended periods.

For your cash, you get functions such as ‘Enhanced Gamer Tilt’, ‘PosterFit Spinal Support’, and a thoracic assistance pad, along with routine things you ‘d anticipate such as ‘breathable suspension’ products and an adjustable headrest. Significantly, the Embody does not included a headrest, and for banners and individuals operating at a desk in an upright position, possibly that isn’t a lot of a concern. For anybody desiring to recline and unwind in the chair while they play– possibly with a Nintendo Switch nestled in their hands– the head assistance here is a welcome addition.

You likewise get a 12-year guarantee, so the cost ends up being more tasty when deemed a long-lasting financial investment.

What’s in package?

The Vantum is available in 3 pieces. Merely move the seat onto the base, rest on it a couple of times, and you’re nearly there. The headrest moves into the back and provides rather a great deal of resistance, once we ‘d doublechecked we had not missed out on a ‘release’ button or the like, a little force had it slotted into position and we were excellent to go.

The textiled cushioning, armrests, and legs are all black, however there’s an option of 3 colour alternatives for the back and seat frame: ‘Obsidian’ black, ‘Polar’ white, or ‘Flare’ red. Compared to your typical player chair, it’s all rather elegant and controlled– no LEDs or crass branding plastered over these. The red change wheels under the seat and the lumber change in the back supply a dash of raciness, however a little label and stamp on the back are all the branding on screen. Herman Miller sent us the white variation and it suits well in a workplace environment without yelling your leet player qualifications at anybody who pops their head in the door.

Beyond some service warranty files and bumph, no modification directions are consisted of, so you’ll need to experiment or go on the internet to learn precisely what each of the knobs and levers do. It’s all fairly obvious, however offered the rate you may anticipate to discover a little laminated card in the plan detailing how to fine-tune lumber assistance, finest posture practices, and what have you.

Image: Herman Miller X Logitech G


Having actually wheeled our Ikea Hattefjäll into the extra space, we took a seat and started changing the Vantum to our preference– total height, armrest height and position, seat position, headrest level and angle, lumber assistance, and so on.

Setup is uncomplicated, however it’s instantly obvious that this chair is created to enhance your posture and make you stay up straighter. We invested a long time adjusting the recline resistance dials to discover something that didn’t seem like we were being in a high-backed Medieval banquet chair.

The Vantum’s “active, forward-leaning positioning” comes as rather a shock in the beginning, or a minimum of it did to us. If you’ve spent 800 notes on a chair, you may anticipate to take a seat and have it be the most comfy furniture piece ever to get your back, however that wasn’t the case here. Our impressions were blended– there was definitely no ‘Where have you been all my life?’-design discovery– however that was prior to the chair offered us a stern talking with.

What’s it like to cope with?

Fortunately, the advantages of the Vantum ended up being clearer with time, and as we changed our office a little.

Initially, the adjustable armrests felt frustratingly far apart to support our elbows, even at their narrowest setting. It required us to move our laptop computer closer to the edge of the desk, which in turn pressed our elbows even more apart and pressed us back into a much better, straighter sitting position. Our propensity to slouch over the table edge with the keyboard inching even more and even more away as the day advances wasn’t going to work any longer. The Vantum would not allow it.

For the very first week or more, it felt sometimes like the chair was a schoolmaster slapping our wrists whenever we fell back into our old bad practices. Through its style, it can seem like it’s chastising you with a curt ‘stay up directly!’ which takes some time to adjust to.

Those very first days with the chair advised this author of changing to a vertical ergonomic mouse for the very first time following too lots of years of putting together Billy bookcases with a hand screwdriver. There was a prolonged duration of adjustment with that, too, as the cursor consistently overshot the target and, for a week or more, a comparable sense that this new-fangled piece of package was a pricey wild-goose chase.

In a comparable method, the Vantum grew on us. After 4 weeks of 8+ hours days with it, the very best thing we can state is that our back hasn’t hurt for the last three-and-a-half weeks. Without any other modification to our day-to-day regimen, this enhancement can just be down to the chair’s matronly wrist-slapping.

It’s an odd one to think about that this furniture piece has actually been training usand it would be simple to ‘bounce off’ its inflexibility when it pertains to accommodating slouchy methods, however, eventually, outcomes are outcomes. As somebody with a history of back grievances (consisting of irregular bouts of sciatica), the Vantum has actually done its task.

Video gaming with the Vantum

Then, the chair promotes excellent posture for PC players, banners, or anybody sitting at a desk, though it’s totally possible to kick back and unwind in it. Those attractive red dials under the seat change the recline limitation (left) and resistance (right) allowing you to discover the sweet area whatever your video gaming circumstance.

That does not imply it will unexpectedly end up being a couch you can sling your legs over while munching through Doritos and ‘Dew. It’s still a severe, business-first brand name of chair that will not let you move and slouch into any old position. We invested a great couple of hours playing Switch portable in it extremely conveniently.

As something developed for a desk, it’s barely in its natural environment if you wheel it in front of your 55″ OLED for some docked console video gaming. If that is something you desire to do, the Vantum keeps you appropriately upright, supported, and comfy throughout long video gaming sessions, and the addition of the headrest this time is a huge plus when you lean back.

Vantum Lifestyle
Image: Herman Miller X Logitech G


If you’ve fallen into bad sitting routines, the Vantum can feel like a difficult taskmaster at. As a tool to actively enhance and preserve your posture while seated, it definitely does not slack on the task. If you’re the type of individual who employs an individual fitness instructor however actually simply desires a chat throughout a light exercise, you likely will not proceed with this video gaming chair. This one is a drill sergeant who will put you through your rates and choose you up on any little posture-based fault, however you’ll thank it in the end. If you desire a beanbag, you need to most likely get a beanbag. If you’re seeking to invest (and it is a financial investment) in a severe chair for video gaming, streaming, and deskwork– and one without all the neon ‘player’ luggage– the Vantum is a fine, no-nonsense alternative.

Thanks to Herman Miller for providing the sample for evaluation. The Vantum Gaming Chair is readily available now on Herman Miller’s site