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Reus admits to “thrill” during BVB negotiations


Marco Reus has explained in detail the reasons for his contract extension for another year until 2024 at Borussia Dortmund. There is no doubt that the negotiations with BVB did not go well for the captain.

“It was always my wish to end my career at BVB. The difficult situations that we have experienced here have not changed that. If you grew up here, it gives you a special feeling,” said Reus in an interview club media.

The 33-year-old reported “open and honest discussions” with those responsible. “Now I’m very, very proud and happy.”

Despite his many years of experience in the professional business, the most recent negotiations with BVB brought something new for Reus.

“Some things have been delayed. I didn’t know the feeling of waiting because I’ve always extended my contract early,” admitted the native of Dortmund. “We had a good exchange. But of course there’s always a bit of a thrill because you never know which direction it’s really going. That’s the typical game in our business and that’s normal. But of course you want stability in your life have and know how to proceed.”

However, he “never doubted that there would be another year or two. It has now become one and I am very happy about it”.

BVB: This is how Marco Reus deals with criticism

In the interview, Reus also commented on the criticism that was pouring down on him again recently.

“I’ve found my own way of dealing with it. It’s part of the business. But it can put a strain on you and your family if a lot of negative things are written about you,” said the offensive player.

“Criticism is fundamentally part of it and is justified. But it should be respectful. But it has become too violent in recent years, and not just for me. We are only human and want to be treated accordingly. It’s not all black or white , but there is also a middle ground,” added Reus.

Home EM 2024 still “a goal” for BVB captain Marco Reus

The 48-time national player also has his sights set on taking part in the 2024 European Championships in Germany. “A home tournament is always wonderful. I still have fond memories of the 2006 World Cup. It was incredible what was going on here, especially in Dortmund,” said Reus.

He is in contact with national coach Hansi Flick. “We’re very open with each other. In the new year we’ll talk about how the performance is. There’s no pressure but when I’m needed there’s worse things than playing for the national team.” The EM is “still a goal, but it’s still far away,” said Reus.

The BVB star did not rule out a coaching career after his active career: “I like working with children, I could imagine something in that area. But we have to see that in the next year or two.”

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