Rethinking the approach to fashion for the plus size market


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The plus size fashion market is worth nearly $ 30 billion in the US alone. But as brands expand marketing rhetoric and imagery to include a wider range of body types, many companies still fail to serve the consumer with a larger size.

On the latest episode of The BoF Podcast, Chief Correspondent Lauren Sherman speaks to Marie Denee, creator and editor-in-chief of The curvy fashionista, Alexandra Waldman, co-founder and creative director of Universal Standard and BoF’s senior editorial associate Alexandra Mondalek on the right way to make plus size fashion.

  • Plus-size customers want one thing: choice. Too often they are sifted through limited sequences that give a limited picture of how they should dress. “Give us the same range,” said Denee, adding that brands need to unlearn what the industry has to offer to larger size consumers.

  • Lazy marketing that combines the body’s language of positivity without serving really big clients is also a problem. “We need to learn to talk to a consumer who has not only been ignored but belittled … it’s an emotional minefield,” said Waldman. “Body positivity is a personal journey.”

  • Companies also need to invest in plus sizes, take the time and spend the money on a perfect fit, style and branding. “You have to be guided by the change and not by the money,” explains Waldman.

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