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Resident Evil 4 remake: Church puzzle solution


Once you finally reach resident evil 4‘s Church during Chapter 4, you must solve a puzzle at the Pulpit to go upstairs.

Us Resident Evil 4 remake Church Pulpit puzzle solution helps you solve the Blue dial key item and solve the stained glass puzzle.

Find the blue dial

After beating El Gigante’s boss, you’re finally ready to head to the church to find Ashley.

Image: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Capcom via Polygon

Check out the map above for the rest of the items on the ground floor of the church, but the one we’re focusing on is the blue dial key item in the back right corner. (Be sure not to miss the little key to the right of the Pulpit, too.)

Church puzzle solution – turn stained glass

It’s a bit confusing to have three different sets of glass rotate independently, but there’s a simple trick to solving this puzzle: look for easily identifiable indentations that match the insignia in the center of the puzzle. Think of it like starting a jigsaw puzzle with the edges.

Resident Evil 4 remake Church Pulpit puzzle solution with helpful markers circled

Solution to the pulpit puzzle
Image: Capcom via Polygoon

Place the Blue dial in the Pulpit Puzzle that opens.

  • Turn the green (middle) knob first. Align the point in the center of the badge with the center piece of green glass.
  • Then turn the red (right) knob. Align the wing(?) tip in the top left corner with the red glass.
  • Then turn the blue (left) dial. You mostly just fill in the gaps, but there are a few points to help you get your bearings.

That will open a door on the left side of the church and let you climb to the second floor.

If you’re looking for help with any other part of the game, here’s our full one Resident Evil 4 recreate the walkthrough.

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