Republican Adam Laxalt ‘preparing for to ask for a RECOUNT’ in close Nevada Senate race, sources say

Nevada Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt is considering asking for a statewide recount as his race against incumbent Democratic Senate Catherine Cortez Masto is on the line, has learned.

Despite public confidence, the former Nevada attorney general’s campaign is “bracing for a loss,” a person currently advising the campaign and familiar with internal deliberations told

As of Friday afternoon, Laxalt narrowly leads Cortez Masto with less than 10,000 ballots, with 90 percent of districts reporting.

“There’s an internal discussion going on at this point about whether or not to call for a statewide recount,” the person said. “And of course that includes fundraising…so they’re identifying fundraisers.”

Cortez Masto is one of three Democratic senators to have fought for her seat in close races in Nevada, Georgia and Arizona. As of now, Republicans have scored 49 Senate seats and Democrats have won 48 — meaning a Nevada victory will likely be crucial for both parties vying for control of the Senate.

“The mood isn’t great” within the campaign, they added, and staff are looking for someone to blame.

“I’ll say this internally, the knives are out,” the person said.

The biggest disagreement within Laxalt’s campaign is reportedly the same one playing out in the wider GOP narrative across the country — between established factions led by the likes of Senate Leader Mitch McConnell and former President Donald Trump.

Republican Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt 'Bracing For A Loss' As He Narrowly Leads His Opponent, Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, A Source Told

Republican Senate candidate Adam Laxalt ‘bracing for a loss’ as he narrowly leads his opponent, Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, a source told

Cortez Masto Is One Of Three Vulnerable Democratic Senators Whose Close Races Will Decide Whether Democrats Or Republicans Control The Senate For The Next Two Years

Cortez Masto is one of three vulnerable Democratic senators whose close races will decide whether Democrats or Republicans control the Senate for the next two years

There Are Currently 49 Races For Republicans And 48 For Democrats - Meaning A Gop Win In Nevada Could Seal Their Win

There are currently 49 races for Republicans and 48 for Democrats – meaning a GOP win in Nevada could seal their win

1668123825 509 Votes In Arizona And Nevada May Not Be Fully Counted

‘You have a candidate who, yes, worked with President Trump, belonged to him’ [Nevada 2020 campaign] co-chair, but has also been advised by others on this team to run away from Trump — and to his disadvantage,” said the person currently advising Laxalt’s campaign.

The person referred to the Nevada gubernatorial race, where Trump-backed Joe Lombardo thrashed Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak, as reasoning why they believe the former president’s direction is the right one. has reached out to Laxalt spokesman Brian Freimuth and communications director Courtney Holland for comment, but has not heard anything yet.

Laxalt denied the report on Twitter Friday night, writing: “This is totally and completely false. Absolutely nothing has changed since our Tucker interview or my tweet last night. We await the results tonight and expect her percentages to remain below the level she needs. We still have confidence.’

The Republican campaign posted on Twitter on Thursday that “we are very confident” with his narrow lead as votes from blue-leaning Clark County are still being counted.

But text messages obtained by, which the source said came from a campaign employee to someone linked to the campaign but not yet verified, suggest a bleak view from within.

Clark and Washoe [counties] mail in votes will overwhelm [the Laxalt campaign’s] small lead,” read one message. “They thought there were far fewer votes left.”

Another message read: “Trump World wants them to report fraud before they ‘keep finding voices’.”

The source also claimed that “McConnell people” were trying to keep Laxalt away from doubts about the vote count in Clark County, Nevada’s most populous city.

Messages From Campaign Staff To An Adviser Obtained By Show Laxalt Staff Are Concerned About What The Final Wave Of Votes Will Bring

Messages from campaign staff to an adviser obtained by show Laxalt staff are concerned about what the final wave of votes will bring

The Nevada Senate race has become one of the most watched in the country as the odds of it deciding which side will control the chamber increase by the day.

But officials in Clark County said the final ballot won’t be counted for days until ballots for the post are still numbered. On Friday, state election officials said about 90,000 ballots remain to be counted.

Laxalt had previously expressed doubts about Nevada’s electoral count when Trump lost the presidential race in 2020.

“Now some of the team want him to do that,” the source said of asking questions about Clark County’s vote count.

“Others, they don’t want him going down that road . . . they’d rather he admit there are questions about Clark County.”

They added: “That’s not a winning team for me.” has reached out to McConnell’s campaign team for comment.

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