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Reports: The Russian army is using a new bomb that “could change the course of the war”


Western experts say that the Russian army has recently begun to use a special type of guided bomb, and they warn that the strikes it directs against Ukrainian forces would “change the course of the war.”

This is what several Western websites mentioned recently. In a newspaper article British Daily TelegraphColonel Yuri Ikhnat, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force, admits that these “glide bombs” “pose a very big threat.”

Despite the passage of 15 months into the war so far, Russia has not been able to prove its superiority in the air. In fact, its forces have suffered several setbacks, and a number of the latest fighters have been shot down. its fighters Andits helicopters different defense systems. However, these guided bombs may give an air advantage to Moscow, and this will greatly limit Kiev’s ability and chances of achieving victory in the war.

What are its features?

  • These guided bombs, or glide bombs (if we choose the literal translation), which are launched from warplanes, are capable of flying on their own for about 70 kilometers. This means that using them saves Russian planes from entering areas covered by Ukrainian air defenses.
  • The bombs are equipped with wings and can fly at a very low altitude that is not covered by the radars of the air defense systems.
  • Colonel Ihnat says that the Russian army is currently following a special tactic with its air force. The Su-34 fighter-bombers, which are capable of launching these bombs, go out on combat missions behind the front lines and relatively far from the Ukrainian coast to the south. He added, “The enemy has been using this type of bomb in those areas for almost a month.”
  • in Another interview with him dates back to the beginning of May Ehnat also said that the Ukrainian air defenses are unable to shoot down these bombs and should instead work to shoot down the planes that launch them.

Many videos of accounts supporting the Russian invasion were spread on social media, documenting “targeting operations of Ukrainian buildings and military units” with these bombs. Euronews cannot independently verify these videos.

What’s the solution?

  • Other Ukrainian officials say that the Russian army launches about 20 such bombs every day, which prompted Western experts to say that perhaps Kiev should rethink its military strategy to deter this new threat.
  • The Soviet-made S-300 air defense systems, owned by the Ukrainian army, cover an area of ​​100 km in diameter compared to the modernized Russian systems, which have a range of 400 km. This makes the task more difficult on the Ukrainian side.
  • Some experts assert that the American Patriot systems are able to protect Ukraine from these bombs, but they are very, very expensive, as the price of a single missile is about four million US dollars.
  • Colonel Ehnat says that American F-16s are capable of dropping Russian bombs. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Ihnat said, “One or two planes are enough to deter the Russians, because they will see them and avoid approaching.”

Possible finale?

More recently, warnings that Ukraine’s air defense network is increasingly vulnerable to destruction have outpaced hopes for its renewal, with Pentagon officials estimating that defenses designed to protect frontline troops will be “completely reduced” by May 23.

And with the United States and other Western countries refusing to provide the Ukrainian army with F-16 fighters so far, observers say that Ukraine will have to resort to new tactics and follow a new type of war, in which forces move at lightning speed, in order to thwart Russian air operations.

Merry C. Vega is a highly respected and accomplished news author. She began her career as a journalist, covering local news for a small-town newspaper. She quickly gained a reputation for her thorough reporting and ability to uncover the truth.

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