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Report: Sony has re-evaluated The Last of Us team game and decided to cut back on the development team


We got a new report that reveals the secrets behind Naughty Dog’s latest studio statement about The Last of Us team game, and it seems that there are bigger problems than some imagine that caused the hint of delaying the game’s reveal.

According to journalist Jason Schreier’s report published via BloombergNaughty Dog is currently evaluating the state of the game and its long-term success, and it is said that the number of developers working on the project has been reduced in the recent period, and some have been transferred to work on other studio projects.

Work on the project has not been stopped, but it is being re-evaluated because of the Bungie studio, as the team supervises all upcoming Sony service games, and it seems that the studio has questioned the extent of the game’s ability to maintain its success for a long time, and it turns out that it needs to rework some of its elements, which This caused the disclosure to be postponed for an additional period.

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