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Repairing Windows – A Look at Some Common Problems

When you have windows in your home, you then have to deal with their care, maintenance, repair and sometimes, their replacement. For windows that slide you might need an expert for window roller repairs Brisbane. Here are some of the more common problems that can happen with windows and what you can do and when to call in a professional to take a closer look.

A rattling window

If you live near a road, an airport or a train track you might be aggravated by rattling windows because of the vibrations coming from outside. They likely just need stabilizing using weather-stripping. Just as you would when you have your window rollers replace Brisbane located, make sure you clean the area with soap and water. Then you can measure and apply the stripping. If that does not fix the issue call in a professional.

A broken pane

If you have broken glass you should check to see if the frame and the pane are properly integrated. Then remove glazing around the broken area and cover with tape until you can either get a new pane or call in a professional window repair business to fix it for you.

Maintaining sliding windows

Sometimes when you have sliding windows you might find they are no longer sliding smoothly along their tracks. You can first clean the tracks carefully in case there is grime or grit getting in the way. You can also make sure the rollers are properly fixed to the window. Another thing that can happen is that the track gets bent or damaged. A wooden block and a tap or two with a hammer can straighten it, but you might just want to call in someone with experience in window roller repairs Brisbane.

A rusted wooden frame

When the wooden frame has rusted you will need to either brush or drill away the rust first and wipe it down carefully using silicon carbide sandpaper and then a rag and polish. You can then use an epoxy filler if needed. Then you may need to continue with sandpaper, just make sure it is extra fine.

Making emergency repairs

If you have emergency repairs you need to make, perhaps because of bad weather, you can fix a few issues with a good sealant, and a piece of board cut to the right size. Just take care with broken glass. Try to wear gloves to avoid injury. Then you can call in an expert when the storm is over.

Fixing a sash window that is loose

A loose sash window can be tightened to some extend. You can adjust the stopper without actually moving it from where it is placed and then make sure it is secure using a hammer and wooden black. You could also fix a loose sash window by pasting a strip of insulation close to the area.


If you are unsure about any DIY efforts it is always best to call in professionals to take care of it. Whether you need repairs or something like window rollers replace Brisbane they have the skill and experience to get it done the right way.

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