Reminder: UltraViolet will close on July 31, so protect your digital films now

UltraViolet, Hollywood & # 39; s original attempt at a platform-independent digital movie cabinet service, will close on July 31 this week. If you have redeemed your fair number of codes over the years that came with Blu-ray & # 39; s or DVD & # 39; s, you want to be sure that you have linked your UltraViolet collection to another store so that you can continue to view and stream those titles after the service goes offline.


Walmart-supported Vudu is the best bet for people in the United States. I don't expect it to close soon and it supports Movies Anywhere, so you can view your UltraViolet collection on popular streaming devices and apps such as Amazon Video or Apple TV. But you can also choose FandangoNow or Kaleidescape; the latter is only really useful for people with a chic theater somewhere in their house. You can check if everything is connected correctly:

There is a chance that some movies or TV programs & # 39; s will disappear from your collection as soon as UltraViolet goes dark. That is the risk of never being real possession your digital content and a shutdown FAQ confirm this possibility. But I don't think this is something that most of us are dealing with.

I also don't know what kind of person a large UltraViolet catalog would have without ever linking it to Vudu or any other service. But time is running out if that is somehow the predicament.

One final advice: do not disconnect or close your UltraViolet account before the 31st, because "UltraViolet and retailers will work together to maximize your ongoing access to movies and TV shows," and this may be a key to that process .

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