Remedies to Save Yourself from Losing a Fantasy Cricket Match

The craze for online gaming is increasing consistently day by day. Today, a large number of people play fantasy cricket and win real cash daily through various platforms. Fantasy cricket in India has evolved as the best medium for millions of cricket fans to showcase their fascination for games. Using their cricketing skills, knowledge, and awareness cricket enthusiasts can participate in the most popular cricket leagues and earn great rewards. Considering the growing trend, a lot of pages on social media platforms are offering tips and tricks for winning fantasy cricket games.  

However, it is advisable not to blindly believe on these handles and rather employ your knowledge to win the game. So, if you wish to play fantasy cricket and looking for genuine guidance then consider the ways mentioned below to save yourself from losing a fantasy league:

  1. Create your team after playing XI list is announced

This is one of the common mistakes that people often make. They end up selecting their team hours before the game is actually expected to start. In a hurry, they do not even come to know about the final XI’s list. If you want to secure a good ranking and score then wait until the list of playing XI is announced. This will provide you an edge over your competitors and will ensure that you do not have players who aren’t playing a particular match that day.

  1. When Deciding power player give Priority to Bowler over batsmen

A batsman may not be in form for some time but a bowler will perform appreciably well during his bowling spell. Every wicket and dot ball will help you increase your score in the match. Moreover, if your bowler is scheduled to ball during slog overs, then he is likely to fetch more wickets. This consequently leads to an increase in your chances of scoring more and winning the game.

  1. Make sure to pick at-least one top-order batsman of both team or for at least one

Selecting a top-order batsman will enable you to score more. The reason being these players get enough time to settle on the field and thus they are able to perform well. However, in the case of middle-order batsmen, their chances of performing in the field are much less. Unquestionably, which is not the right strategy to claim a win in fantasy cricket.

  1. Choose one such player who has been not in good form in last 2-3 matches

Someone has rightly said, “A wounded lion is more dangerous.” Picking such players can be a game changing move as they are likely to perform more rigorously out of agitation. In order to prove themselves to the world, they may perform extremely well to an incredible level.

Following the aforementioned tips can help you win big cash rewards. So, get started with a fantasy app download, create your teamand play with strategies to get an assured win.