Religious accessories to wear in every occasion

No matter how much societies have changed, spirituality and religious beliefs still determine many of our cultural and social customs. While the most traditional way of expressing your devotions is to perform a set of rituals, it can also be a part and a parcel of everyday life, thanks to the availability of religious accessories that can be used in different occasions. These accessories can be keychains, small pieces of furniture to decorate your house, clothes with special prints representing religious icons or symbols and also pieces of jewelleries, such as religious medals and crosses, that can add a touch of originality to your outfit.
In fact, religious accessories are very popular, not only among the faithful but also among the fashion icons and pop stars. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see an abundance of craftsmen showcasing their talents in creating devotional accessories.

Religious Accessories as Fashion Objects

People have been wearing religious accessories since the beginning of human history, either to fulfil important religious sacraments, or just as a matter of choice. Since the 19th century, fashion designers also started incorporating symbols, beliefs, and ideologies in their designer clothes and accessories. A striking and recent example of how religion and fashion or art were mixed together is the incredible exhibition entitled ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’ which was hosted at the Metropolitan Museum in New York from May to October 2018. This exhibition, which consisted of liturgical clothes and accessories from the Sistine Chapel, was inaugurated with the spectacular Met Gala, where all the celebrities that participated had to interpret with their outfits the same theme of the exhibition. As a result, all of them wore extravagant dresses and gowns which represented or recreated religious symbols and atmospheres. Many common people later started to imitate the style of these celebrities and use religious accessories in every day occasions.

Religious Accessories and Religious Values

Religion and religious accessories are not just a way to express your dressing sense and style in an eccentric way. They can also be used to showcase your religious beliefs and your personal value system. When it comes to wearing special accessories and jewels, though, it goes beyond the benefits of self-expressions. These objects or accessories can help a person to express their cultural identification, and therefore they can facilitate the connection with other people sharing the same belief system, and most importantly, they can be a constant reminder to believers about their religious duties and values. Furthermore, it can be also used as a means of prayer or as a tool that makes every believer closer to religion and to God in an everyday situation.

Types of Religious Accessories

With the availability of a variety of religious accessories, such as religious medals and crosses, you can express your beliefs with any outfit. Trendy and fashionable, religious accessories can also be an element of your style. There is a great variety of designs and material options to choose from, so, finding the ones that go with your personal taste won’t be very difficult.
Considering how many pop stars don them on their glamourous red carpet galas and other social events, you wouldn’t have to worry about looking backdated or out of style. Some religious accessories are even made with fine materials like gold or platinum and are adorned with precious gemstones, making them suitable for every occasion. From religious medals depicting a holy event or person to crosses depicting the belief system of the Catholics, religious accessories come in all sizes, shapes, and designs. When it comes to jewelleries, one or multiple symbols of faith can be found in necklaces, medals, earrings, bracelets or pendants.

Versatile and culturally appropriate, religious accessories can also be used as precious gifts for the loved ones. In fact, travellers usually buy them as an important souvenir to pay their homage.
However, in some parts of the world, some particular expressions of some religious beliefs are considered offensive and are against the law. So, be mindful of your social and cultural circumstances while wearing religious accessories.