Regal Cinemas launches an unlimited subscription service for films

Regal Cinemas launches its own film subscription service with which cinema visitors can watch an unlimited number of films. The price varies from $ 18 to $ 23.50 per month, depending on the theater location. Regal Unlimited, details are published on the website of theater chain today, and the service will be launched in less than a week Deadline.


Subscription plans are divided into layers based on theater locations, with cinema visitors in larger cities such as LA and New York having to sign up for the Regal Unlimited All Access plan to find theaters participating in the service. The service works via the Regal Cinemas app iOS and Android, where users can book their tickets.

There are convenience costs of $ 0.50 for each movie you book through the app and there are surcharges for special functions such as 4DX, IMAX, 3D, marathons and dual functions. But it also includes concession stand discounts, no blackout dates, and there are less likely hiccups and hijackings than the ill-fated MoviePass service to which it is modeled.

With MoviePass for an indefinite period of time, Regal is included in the list of other subscription services that still offer discounted tickets for a monthly fee, including AMC Stubs A-List and Cinemark Movie Club. You can compare prices for the alternatives and find a plan that works for you here.

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