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Redfall will get full cross-play on Xbox, Steam, and Epic Games Store


The cooperative shooter from Arkane Studios in an open world redfall will feature full cross-play across platforms and wherever you purchase it, the developer confirmed Monday. In a tweet from the official redfall billthe studio clarified that players on Windows PC and Xbox Series X will be able to play with each other regardless of where they made their purchase: Steam, the Epic Games Store, or through a Game Pass subscription.

That’s more clarity than Arkane gave in February, through a Discord Q&Awhen redfall developers said “you can definitely play with your friends on Steam friends on Game Pass.” Monday’s statement says, much more definitively, “You can join your friends wherever they are.” That’s good news for anyone hoping to get a group of four vampire slayers together – grouping all platforms means more potential recruits for a four-player squad.

redfall will be released on May 2 on Windows PC and Xbox Series X. It will be the first Xbox Game Studios game with the new $69.99 price tag that Microsoft confirmed in December. redfall will also be available through Game Pass at launch, on both Xbox and PC.

To see what players can expect redfall when it launches, check out Polygon’s preview of the 2022 game.

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