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Redfall Video Review


Redfall reviewed by Luke Reilly on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC. “Redfall is a bafflingly bad time across the board, whether playing solo or with a friend or three suffering alongside you. That comes in the wake of Arkane’s excellent Deathloop, the enduringly beloved Prey, and the acclaimed Dishonored series honestly beggars belief. Its performance on Xbox Series X is regularly dire, plagued with pop-in, stutters, and a long list of display bugs.It’s beleaguered with bodgy AI enemies that struggle to mount a basic defense, choose appropriate cover, or even effectively navigate the world. The one-note mission design recycles and repurposes itself all the way until the anticlimactic final encounter.Button commands break, characters vanish, and the cheap and static story scenes seem woefully unfinished by typical standards.There may be occasional glimpses of a competent co- op shooter on display but otherwise, Redfall is just like a vampire in all the wrong ways. That is, it really wasn’t ready for daylight in this state, and it sucks.”

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