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Redfall review


It is evident from the first few minutes you spend with him redfall It would have benefited from some delay. I don’t mean to say that here redfall Bad game, but what I mean is that it’s hard to see how great it is under all the technical problems and inconsistent design. Obviously the developer company Arkane She loaded herself with more than she can accomplish here.

that redfall It is an open world style shooter and looting game Borderlands But with clans and vampires instead of gangs, and it’s set in a fall town in Massachusetts rather than a wasteland in a ruined world. There are four playable characters, each representing a different ‘class’ and each with their own set of magical abilities that complement each other in gameplay.

In a round I choose to play as Layla, a student with telekinetic abilities like a shield that absorbs bullets, an elevator that can propel you and your teammates into the air, and the ability to summon her vampire ex-boyfriend to help out in battles. There is also Remy who has a robotic dog and can use it as bait, Jacob who has a skill using snipers and can become invisible, and Defender who has special abilities against vampires. Each character has a skill tree that you can use to upgrade them, and each character can use any weapon they want without any class restrictions.

This may all sound very different from anything a studio has worked on Arkane Previously, but their imprint seems crystal clear in the town redfall The same events in the game. The campaign spans two maps, each with its own atmosphere. These maps include diverse regions rich in excellent environmental narrative, notes and audio logs with loads of information about world building and lore, items to collect as loot, spooky mansions to explore, walking trails and farms, and even a spooky amusement park.

You can explore the entire map at any time, but the main story missions are designed in a way that will take you slowly through each area. I highly recommend sticking with the story to the end of the first map at the very least, as simply heading to the other end can set you up for some serious difficulties.

Each area on the map has a safe hideout, which once opened turns into a quick transition point as well as granting you side missions. When you complete these areas and kill the vampire mini-bosses, you will clear that area from the map and reduce the presence of vampires in the area. He appears Every now and then a vampire nests and strengthens all enemies in his area of ​​influence (this area grows over time so we encourage you to deal with them quickly). Upon entering a nest you will be taken to a procedurally generated dungeon, completing which will grant you high-level loot, plus additional experience points if you can escape before it collapses.

Taking all of the above into consideration, the redfall It offers a compelling and rewarding place to explore. Unfortunately here things start to fall apart. The AI ​​of the enemies is very weak and it is not fun to fight them. This was also the case with a game Arkane The former is from a first-person perspective deathloop Although there she was excused because you guys were fighting people who really didn’t care if they died, so they didn’t fight so hard. But here it’s not very logical when you’re sniping one out of a group of 4, and no reaction from his friends.

The vampires liven up the atmosphere with their quick, erratic movements, which helps (as was the case with … deathloop) in making firearms look very powerful and give a satisfying feeling when using them. Enemies (despite the poor AI) present some challenge when they attack in large numbers. Especially in battles where you’re up against a mix of gun-wielding enemies and vampires. There is also a variety of vampire enemies so you won’t feel repetitive or bored.

Overshadowing all of this are technical issues that range from the ridiculously small to those that completely hurt the game. where I constantly had to deal with half-loaded, shaky images (although that might not be a problem with CPUs AMD Because my colleagues who have chips Intel They did not encounter these problems). There are inexplicable framerate drops in certain areas, enemies that slide across the stage instead of running, and the squat button suddenly gets stuck (which is great when you’re low on health and you need to take cover). The game also completely broke down in the five rounds I played in the 40 hour game.

Although you can play redfall Solo mode, but the game is clearly designed to be played with a team. Character abilities sync and synergize to create interesting gameplay, and the majority of upgradeable abilities in the skill tree are suitable for team play. What makes things particularly confusing is that the co-op implementation is really poor. You cannot join a friend’s game if he is already playing. Where he has to exit the main menu to host a game and invite you. If someone leaves (or disconnects) in the middle of a session, the entire team is kicked out of the game. Campaign progress is only saved to the host, which means everyone has to redo all missions if they decide to play some hours on their own. You can treat the game like a campaign D&D He had the whole group meet at specific times to play, but I remember a time when co-ops didn’t require much effort. Co-op also suffers from new technical issues, such as wonky character animations, floating character models, and weird collision physics.

Contains redfall It has a lot of good stuff in general, and could one day develop into a worthy co-op shooter if it could Arkane From fixing all technical problems and possibly releasing some expansions. On the good side, it’s like a game Far Cry With the exploration mentality of the game Breath of the Wildbut on a scale Dishonored With the same commitment to the environmental narrative. Nothing here is too far away from what it has to offer Arkane or Xbox Game Studios Normally, so I’m very curious to know if they are redfall It will grow over time (and how).

In its current state, Redfall deserves a 7 out of 10. It’s nothing special and a bit of a mess, but ultimately fun, especially if you play it with a few friends. We recommend that you buy it at a discount or via Game Pass, make some friends buy it with you, and you will enjoy spending some days blasting vampires with your friends. But other than that, this is the first Arkane game that I would say isn’t too bad to miss.

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