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Redfall Review: A vampire shooting experience that disappointed those who waited for it | -WhatsNew2Day


During the past few days, we had the opportunity to try the first exclusive titles from the publisher Bethesda on Microsoft platforms, which is Redfall. The game was developed by the development studio Arkane, which worked on many successful titles in the past, but this time things did not go as expected.

Anyway, we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves Events, in reviewing and evaluating Redfall, we will discuss the most important features and drawbacks contained in Microsoft’s exclusive shooting…

Redfall review and rating

Redfall City has been absorbed in darkness!

We are now in the fictional city of Redfall, which is located in the US state of “Massachusetts”. It seems that the name alone of this city is sufficient to make you expect something malignant and mysterious that dominates the city. The city transforms the life of its citizens into hell in the face of a failed scientific experiment by Dr. “Addison”, who lost his title after becoming the “Hollow Man”.

The world is in dire need of the wits of the survivors, but things are getting worse and some of the survivors have turned on the citizens of the town so as not to fall directly at the mercy of the vampires. The city has closed in on itself after all these events and cannot get any outside help whatsoever because the disease has not spread, so 4 super survivors appear who have the burden of restoring the city to its former state. They are Remi de la Rosa, Devinder Crousley, Jacob Boyer and Layla Ellison.

The story seems simple to you at the beginning, but it narrates its details by narrating the interesting world in the main story missions, everything in the dazzling world design has prompted me to discover more and as I am used to from Arkane studio, the narration through the world was something that did not disappoint me, but unfortunately I think He is out of place this time.

playing style


We had very high expectations from the game, both in terms of the game style itself, the graphics and the gameplay, but unfortunately I didn’t find much variety in the style itself or in what the regular stages offered except for the boss encounters. I took Layla and started hitting the enemies with my weapons and that’s how it was almost the whole time.

We also noticed a great recurrence in the enemies, and I did not notice any diversity among them, even if there was a more powerful opponent, the only difference is just time and no more, but actually the matter has become somewhat better in cooperative mode, but it also did not live up to expectations due to the lack of substance The main one is diversity, as it became boring with the passage of time, and I was suffering with my friends from repetition, which often bored us.

Of course, I do not mean repetition in terms of the abilities of the heroes, but the enemies themselves. Many of them did not push me to use different abilities of combat often, and in the midst of crowds and the accumulation of tasks, our first and last goal was only to finish the mission to move on to the next mission without problems.

On the other hand, we know that the game Redfall offers you 4 characters, as we said, and I will briefly explain their capabilities to you. Let’s start with Layla Ellison who has super armor and a platform to jump off to avoid clusters of enemies along with the ability to summon her friend’s vampire which helps very well in critical times. We have Devinder Crousley, a cryptozoologist and hunter who invents his own gear as he throws a canister anywhere to go instantly with a wand that shocks everyone around it at a precise range.

As for the third Redfall hero, Jacob Boyer, he is a skilled sniper and has the ability to hide in crowds so that he can escape if necessary or even revive a colleague without the enemy seeing you. Our fourth heroine is Remi de la Rosa, who is characterized by C4 bombs, which help her jump sometimes, as well as exploding enemies, of course, with a yellow device that she possesses to distract enemies and make her team secured.

A good skill tree was introduced and I was interested in it in my gameplay To beat enemies, you can level up abilities by gaining experience points from fighting enemies and completing side missions. It wasn’t difficult or anything like that to upgrade the hero’s abilities, but it was worth it.

Really.. what is going on here!?


I started the game on my own at the beginning to explore what the game will offer in terms of gameplay and more. The beginning wasn’t the best but I couldn’t find out after that until I immersed myself in the experience and found that there were many things that disappointed me.. Let’s start with the same gameplay elements that offered some incomprehensible things, with some weapons I got in the beginning that I couldn’t upgrade while after.

I know what you’re going to tell me dear reader, it’s not an RPG and it depends on the items you get from looting but does it make sense for me to only upgrade weapons in the item shop that I don’t have yet? If I intend to complete the game with my normal weapons and the same power, why is this strange matter in the first place?! I see that due to the existence of the upgrade feature in the absolute, the developer is obligated to add the upgrade element to all weapons.

Returning to the elements themselves, there is a hideout for the survivors, which is the “fire station”, where some survivors take a place for them, and there is the arsenal of weapons, the doctor in charge of health care, and the priest who gives you some special items. Unfortunately, I did not see the required dynamic in the shelter. I used to go to fill up my bullets and buy some health only, because there was nothing of value in the shelter, and I felt from time to time that there were many things that were missing. As a service game like Redfall, I was hoping to see much more valuable features in this firehouse, but it didn’t.

The game needed more work technically


Unfortunately, the technical performance on the PC was frustrating with my use of a good computer equipped with a card characterized by the Ampere architecture, the second generation of RTX, and 16 GB of random memory, as playing at 1080p resolution was only unstable, and sometimes dropped below 30 frames / s without any need and in the simplest way. Circumstances, Redfall’s exploitation of potential was very annoying not to mention the technical glitches in the game itself that made the experience tedious and frustrating.

That image you find above is the beginning of my in-game experience for about a quarter of an hour, at times, I was almost unable to move normally or even raise my weapon, and when the time came and I raised my weapon the aiming point disappeared (almost lost passion) and I became virtually unimpressed Able to continue playing the game, there were so many errors that me and my friends had to close and open the game more than once.

In our review and evaluation of Redfall, aside from the technical glitches and the enemies appearing literally out of nowhere, the AI ​​of the enemies broadcast to the feeling of the game being unfinished, the AI ​​not feeling like it was working nearly right in the game. Unfortunately, it was very bad and makes the enemies perform strange behavior, and this prompted us to raise the levels of difficulty to the maximum degree in order to face some challenge during our experience of the game redfall Unfortunately, this is useless.

The movements of the characters, such as walking, which we call “animation”, were very weak and the simplest types of movement were not presented perfectly. The form of physics was completely incomplete and took me out of the essence of the experience whenever I saw my friend moving in front of me. Speaking of techniques and graphics, I can say that the art direction of the world in the main missions was greatly oppressed by the gameplay which did not highlight the magnificence of this design.

The world is open, but.. what next?


On mentioning the world. Unfortunately the main elements and mission objectives are never straightforward as the issues start with the map which presents a simple design, the navigation is very difficult so you have to move around quickly by ‘fast travel’ which forces you not to explore this poor open world.. a big contradiction anyway. You can only have one marker on the map but what’s more annoying is that my co-op friends’ marker on the map is the same color so we got distracted and went to wrong places sometimes.

The word open world was repeated in Bethesda’s marketing for its game, but unfortunately the world did not provide anything. All the side missions consisted of killing some enemies and vampires and taking some safe houses as a refuge for the purpose of fast travel or making plans for some tasks. I would have preferred a linear storyline rather than a nearly empty world with vampires everywhere and unfortunately the world didn’t really get me excited as a result of the repetitive activities in the world.

After all, is the game worth $70?


At the conclusion of the review and evaluation of Redfall, you should know that the PC version faces many technical problems, and the game, as I mentioned above, unfortunately presents a number of shortcomings, and despite that, it is generally a cooperative game system with friends that is fun at times, but if you want Buying, I advise you personally to subscribe to the Game Pass service and try it for free within the service, because it does not appear as a new generation game and is not worth the $70 price tag.

Redfall review and rating


  • Good storytelling, “fun” and had the character and flavor of the well-known Arkane Studios.
  • A wonderful artistic orientation to the world.
  • Hats off to the voice acting.
  • The presence of the game on the Game Pass service.
  • Good skill tree.
  • Good support for the Arabic language.


  • Repetitive gameplay bored me a lot of times.
  • Upgrading weapons is limited to shop weapons only.
  • The game offers content that doesn’t quite make it worth the $70 price tag.
  • An open world but lacking in variety of activities and exploration.
  • Bulk technical errors on the PC platform.
  • The artificial intelligence of the enemies is very weak and uneven.
  • An annoying drop in the average number of frames, which did not exceed 30 fps.
  • The graphics or animations are very primitive and weak and do not rise to the graphics of a new generation.
  • The game requires a permanent internet connection, even in single player mode.

Final rating – 7



I was confused after hours of trying Redfall, the game provided a good narrative of the thief and a brilliantly designed world visually in the main missions, but with boring gameplay and discouraging problems for paying $ 70 makes its experience on Game Pass somewhat attractive for those who want to have a game with friends during his spare time.

User rating: 1.25 ( 2 votes)

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