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Redfall player numbers sometimes hit zero on the Steam platform behind Forspoken


We have all witnessed the disastrous launch of one of the most anticipated Xbox exclusives of the year, the Redfall shooter from Arkane Studio.

The Redfall game has been subjected to a lot of negative criticism due to the game’s poor technical performance, weak artificial intelligence, and many other problems that made the game get low ratings from critics and players alike.

Despite the issuance of some updates that improve the game, and while waiting for the update that brings with it 60fps performance, it seems that the game mode has reached very critical and dangerous stages in terms of the number of active players.

through platform Steam Charts Specialized in collecting data and statistics of players, it appeared that the shooting game Redfall had reached the stage of complete disappearance of active or simultaneous players. On the date of last May 30, there was no player playing the game at all, i.e. “zero” in the number of players.

This was repeated on the next day, when, after the number of players rose to an average of 100 players, the players returned to disappear again, becoming a new zero for the second time of its issuance. Currently, the average number of players ranges from 30 to 100 concurrently active players. To become behind the game Forspoken.


In a related context, and according to a new report written by the journalist, “Jason Schreyer” from Bloomberg Magazinewhich was a set of investigations about the development of the game, in which it was found that the reaction around it was not surprising for the developers in the Arkane studio, and this was confirmed by ten developers who worked on the game, and they refused to reveal their identity, and when asked about the reason for this deterioration that it witnessed The game there was new information that we hear for the first time from it.

  • There are a lot of issues that affected the development of the game, including drain on effort and loss of direction.
  • The permanent shortage of developers greatly affected the development process of Redfall.
  • About 70 percent of the developers at Arkane left after the development of Prey, specifically during the development of Redfall.
  • Developer Arkane was aware that the game was in trouble.
  • Players’ reaction and ratings were not surprising to the developers.
  • The game was originally conceived as a utility game.
  • The developer was hoping that Microsoft would redevelop the game after they were acquired.
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