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Reddit: Husband locks bedroom door every day for two hours of ‘quiet time’


Husband enforces ‘strict’ house rule by putting a padlock on bedroom door every day for two hours of ‘quiet time’: ‘This is outrageous’

  • The husband put a padlock on the bedroom door for “quiet time”
  • The fed up wife couldn’t alert him to the family emergency because she was sleeping

A fed-up wife and mother of two has expressed her anger after her husband padlocked their bedroom door during two hours of “quiet time.”

The wife claims that her husband comes home from work at 5 pm to nap, then plays for hours and is constantly deprived of sleep as a result.

In Reddit she detailed the situation, writing: ‘He values ​​his sleep and has a house rule that he strictly enforces, which is not to be interrupted while sleeping.

‘He literally put a sign on the bedroom door saying “DO NOT WAKE ME UP” under any circumstances, just not unless someone is injured or killed; in this case, he said he wouldn’t be of much help anyway.

“The kids and I sometimes woke him up, but for serious reasons. She got angry and started to close the door. I don’t have access to the room for two hours, but that’s not the main problem.

Disaster struck last Tuesday when her three-year-old son spilled hot oil on his arm while her 14-year-old daughter was cooking dinner, and the wife was unable to wake her husband in the emergency.

An angry wife claims her husband started padlocking the bedroom door after work during two hours of “quiet time” (file image)

“I heard him scream and saw the oil covered his hand and half of his arm, I brought the first aid kit but he was in a lot of pain and his skin looked really bad,” the wife wrote.


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“I rushed to wake up my husband, I kept calling but got no answer so I tried to open but it was locked. I spent a while between knocking on the door (I had the phone turned off)’.

Instead, she had to ask for help from neighbors who took them to the hospital.

“I couldn’t help but feel furious all the time,” she said.

After returning home, the couple had a big argument about the lock on the bedroom door.

I exploded after showing him our son’s wound and told him I banged on the door to wake him up, but he said he had his headphones on and didn’t hear anything. I called him reckless and negligent for ignoring a family emergency,” he said.

He said that I could say the same about myself for leaving our son unsupervised and causing him a burn. I stopped arguing and went to remove the lock from the bedroom door, he started yelling at me saying that he had no right. I refused to answer, just walked away to calm down.

“He would not stop complaining, calling me bossy and saying that by removing the lock I destroyed his peace and quiet and caused him lack of sleep. He insists that I return it, but I refused.

The new rule means that the wife is forced to take care of their two children alone (file image)

The new rule means that the wife is forced to take care of their two children alone (file image)

The woman then asked ‘Am I the idiot’ for removing the lock on the room after my husband ignored a family emergency?

Thousands supported the wife, assuring her she was not wrong, while others suggested her husband might have a gambling “problem”.

‘WTF did I just read? Does her husband of hers take an early night nap so he can stay up late to play video games? Do your kids have anything to do with him because he never seems to see them awake? one person wrote.

Another said: ‘Hot oil = ACCIDENT. Locking the door = very deliberately not being available to help and neglecting your responsibilities as a husband and father.’

A third said that the husband deliberately ignored her in a moment of need.

‘Accidents happen, no matter how much you stay alert. But I don’t think your husband didn’t hear you calling, he chose to ignore you,” the person wrote.

Your husband is being selfish and irresponsible. He is an adult with children and he has no right to stay up all night playing and sleeping all day while he raises the children by himself,” said another.

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