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“Reddit Gives Chat Rooms Another Chance”


Reddit is testing new chat channels where users can engage in real-time conversations. These channels, which are similar to Discord channels, will be found within different subreddits. Users will be able to switch between browsing posts and joining conversations with other Redditors on various topics.

Unlike Reddit’s Live Chat, these channels will be dedicated spaces for conversations rather than one-off posts. Users will be able to access different conversations within a subreddit, each dedicated to a specific topic, such as “Tickets” or “Songwriting.” The conversations can be accessed in the Chat tab located on Reddit’s bottom menu bar.

Reddit is currently testing this feature on mobile in select subreddits with 25 “small and medium-sized communities” that have less than 100,000 members. However, they plan to expand chat channels to other subreddits in the future.

Reddit is taking a “mod-first approach,” giving moderators their own chat channels and tools to moderate chats based on past chat learnings. Mods will have the ability to flag and remove content from chats and select which users can join the conversation. Reddit has additional moderation features planned, including a slow mode and automod rules in chat channels.

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