Red Dead Redemption 2 release date, character list, news and rumors

<pre><pre>Red Dead Redemption 2 release date, character list, news and rumors

Are you ready to saddle and ride on Rockstar's latest Western adventure? The release date of the Red Dead Redemption 2 is rapidly approaching, promising a gigantic, open-minded open world to explore. It stands on the map to become the most feared game of the year, and given the Rockstar family tree, for a good reason. This is what you need to know.

Revelead with perfect tempo from Rockstar, the game becomes the third set of the developer in the Wild West and the first release since Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2013. It is an understatement to say that Rockstar fans wait with bated breath.

Although the game will not be released until October 2018, there are news and rumors in circulation and we have collected everything you need to know.

[[[[Updating: Rockstar has unveiled Red Dead Redemption 2 character cards, which give us a good introduction to the gang members we will encounter – including some previously invisible characters.]

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The sequel to the Wild West Rockstar hit, Red Dead Redemption
  • When can I play it? October 26, 2018
  • Where can I play it? PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been confirmed so far, with a PC version now also very likely

Red Dead Redemption 2 trailers

The first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 released shortly after the announcement of the game. It does not reveal much more than that we return to the Wild West. The gamel locations in the trailer are diverse and beautiful and it looks very likely that the game will be an open world.

The second trailer of the game came on September 28, after Rockstar teased something new that would come in a tweet earlier in the week. This time we got to see a little more about the game, including a glimpse of the new protagonist Arthur Morgan.

Watch the trailer below for yourself and take a look at all the screenshots we have collected and see some of the new theories that dragged this trailer:

The third trailer drove into the city on May 2, all cannons were glowing. We thought we were ready thanks to a tip from Rockstar's Twitter feed, but it still touched us exactly in the feel.

This trailer places us right in the middle of the action and confirms (spoiler) that John Marston, the hero of Red Dead Redemption will appear in the game. There is only a fleeting glimpse of him, the wounds that will become his signature scars that are still fresh on his face.

We stop now, look below for yourself:

Rockstar released the first gameplay trailer on August 9 (well, the first part), with which we take a closer look at the long-awaited sequel in action.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of the new, richly detailed world that Arthur Morgan inhabits, complete with vast deserts, annoying exchange movements, winding mountain roads and vibrant cities. We also get to see some of the wildlife that lives in these areas, and that you are undoubtedly looking for a little money.

As part of the infamous gang Van Der Linde, Arthur is declared outlawed. The gang is constantly forced to leave areas and set up a new camp somewhere. This camp is your base, it is where gang members eat, sleep, play, play and do chores. And you will have to help you to uphold morale and keep your comrades friendly.

It is not only your fellow campers who are influenced by your actions. All your interactions have consequences, allowing you to communicate with citizens on a deeper level. But if your moral compass does not point straight forward, you can pick up some enemies on the way.

You can view the gameplay trailer below:

Red Dead Redemption 2 release date

We thought we would have Red 2017 Rescue Action 2 in our stockings, but it turns out that we may have been a little pre-emptive on our part.

Initially, a blog post on the publisher's website from May 2017 said we should wait until the spring of 2018 to saddle for the next epic western from Rockstar Games:

"Red Dead Redemption 2 is now ready to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.This outlaw-epic set in the vast and ruthless American core area will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation console hardware, and some extra time is needed to ensure that we can provide the best possible experience for our fans … We are very sorry for any disappointment that causes this delay, but we firmly believe that we only deliver a game when it is done. "

However, Rockstar Games later tweeted that the game would be released instead on October 26, 2018, which is a few months later than the release date of June 8 that leaked earlier this year.

If you think "we've all heard that before" do not worry too much: Take Two's CEO, Straus Zelnick, has promised that the game will not be postponed again. Talking with Mad Money Host, Jim Cramer, Zelnick promised "hand in hand" that the release date is October 26, adding that the whole team is on schedule.

But what about a PC version? So far, there has been no official word from Rockstar on a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC outing, with only the console releases announced so far.

However, we saw a similar story with the release of Grand Theft Auto V. A great success on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it took several years before it made the leap to the PC and eventually even exceeded console generations with a remastered version of the game pops up on PS4 and Xbox One.

Could it be a similar story for Red Dead 2? It looks very likely – the LinkedIn profile of a programmer with previous experience at RockStar shows that the employee has worked on the game from the PC point of view, where the profile has been verified by various sources. We would say that a PC version is incredibly likely at any given time.

What we do know is that the game will be released along with an accompanying game guide book. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Complete Official Guide book also appears on October 26 and is published by Piggyback.

Two versions will be released (with pre-orders now available from the Rockstar Warehouse). The standard, cheaper, standard version offers a mission and character guide, with walkthroughs, detailed maps and an index among other functions. The Collector & # 39; s Edition is more expensive, is on & # 39; art quality & paper; and contains all the above plus an exclusive art gallery with characters.

Red Dead Redemption 2 rumors

Exclusively for PlayStation

It seems that PlayStation contains exclusive content when Red Dead Redemption 2 is released on the PS4 later this year. After Rockstar announced a number of pre-order bonuses for the game, the PlayStation Store list that players can "play selected content first on PlayStation 4" with "details to follow".

Now we do not know what kind of content falls under this timed exclusivity – it can be something completely inconsistent. But it can also mean that other platforms will not have access to maps or weapons for a long time. We will update as soon as we learn more.

Familiar leak

Trusted Reviews reports that they have received documents in mid 2017 with details about Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that some details have been confirmed by official announcements, Trusted Reviews has released the rest of the details, including information about the game online mode, story and characters.

Online mode

The online part of the game apparently has three different modes: & # 39; Revive and Survive & # 39; & # 39; Battle Royale & # 39; and & # 39; Money Grab. & # 39; Given the popularity of games such as PUBG and Fortnite, it does not seem unlikely that Rockstar would be interested in embracing this type of gameplay and grabbing popularity.

& # 39; Revive and Survive & # 39; put two teams together in a total battle where teams will have to fight to stay alive, risking their own neck to revive team members and keep the game going.

Eventually, & # 39; Money Grab & # 39; a heist-like mode where two teams compete against each other to collect money from a central location and safely return it to their hiding place.

The report also says that Red Dead Redemption 2, like the online mode of Grand Theft Auto, allows players to explore the open world of the game, with rewards for completing tasks, activities to participate and upgrading opportunities in place of apartments. It even suggests that an accompanying app will be launched with social features and a poker game (a great way for players to increase their in-game money without having to sit down and play the game).

New mechanics

The report also states that the game will have new mechanics. There are locations dedicated to purchasing new items and gambling, as well as a slum market where it is apparently possible to collect these items at a discount. All stores work according to the day-night cycle of the game – so do not buy a new gun and midnight.

Vehicles will vary from minicarts to horse carriages. It may even be possible to use fully explored trains to cross the map.

It is also said that the main campaign and the online mode are playable in first-person and that the Eagle Eye function will make a return, allowing players to follow bounties and detect fish to catch.

Mission branches

According to the report, player actions in main campaign missions will influence the direction in which the story moves. Handling different characters in different ways about others or dealing with them in different ways can result in different results or other goals.

Red Dead Redemption 2 news and features

We have very little in the field of solid facts when it comes to Red Dead Redemption 2, but what is confirmed by Rockstar can be found below.

Interactions are deeper

You can now respond with citizens in a way that you could not have done before. From calling to co-workers to finding a way out of the problems with the sheriff, your actions have consequences. It is up to you whether you opt for escalation or diffuse volatile situations, but negative actions can lead to making enemies.

Life in a camp is important

Because the Van der Linde gang is not the friendliest neighbors, you will often be expelled from an area and you have to set up a new camp. Camp serves as the base of your gang, it is where you eat, sleep, play games and do chores. You have to pick up your weight, get food and supplies to keep it morally high. You can also participate in activities for fellow gang members who improve your relationship with them.

Variety of terrain

With the open world deeper than ever before, there are plenty of different regions to explore, including vast forests, scorching deserts, bustling cities, steep mountains and swamp swamps. These areas will be inhabited by appropriate wildlife, with alligators roaming the marshes and eagles circling mountain peaks.

Weapons are more realistic and unique

Each weapon has a unique characteristic. But we will not know much about it until part two of the gameplay trailer. However, we have learned that weapons now have realistic reload and kickback actions.

Having friendship with your horse is beneficial

As you progress, your relationship with your brave steed will grow. The stronger the bond, the easier it is to control the horse. There is also a larger variety of horses than before, with each horse having a specific purpose (such as racing).

There is a new protagonist

John Marston is no longer there. Red Dead Redemption 2 brings players a brand new protagonist named Arthur Morgan and the game follows this outlaw and the gang Van der Linde as they make their way through America.

That does not mean that John is completely absent. From trailer number three we have learned that John is in the game, but how big a player he is going to be, we still have to see.

Dutch is back

The main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption showed his face in the second trailer of this game, which confirms that he will be back. Whether he will be the same antagonistic force is unclear, but we think it is highly unlikely that he will be a force forever.

There are reports of "the sons of Dutch" in the third trailer, and although this is more than likely a reference to the family character of the Van Der Linde gang, is there a possibility that Arthur Morgan may be the Dutch posterity?

It will have an open world

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sequel to an open world game and it is developed by Rockstar so this is not exactly a surprising information. Although Red Dead Revolver was a more linear affair, it was clear that Rockstar was doing away with his spiritual successor Red Dead Redemption and we think this trend will continue.

On the site of the game, Rockstar has extended the game world & # 39; and attractively & # 39; and the trailer definitely supports this claim.

The environments that are shown in the trailer are diverse and stunning and we imagine that you can walk through them at your own pace on foot, on horseback and perhaps even by train.

It has single and multiplayer

As you'd expect from a Rockstar game, the huge open game world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is the backdrop for an exciting single-player campaign.

Although the first game followed the story of one man, we are not sure if that will be the case with Red Dead Redemption 2. The trailer of the game shows 7 figures on horseback, suggesting that there may be several stories that weave together here like Rockstar did with Grand Theft Auto 5. We will just have to wait to find out if this is the case.

One parable we do Red Dead Redemption 2 for Grand Theft Auto 5 knows its huge online multiplayer world and it could be this element of the game that the 7 cowboys refer to on horseback images.

On the website of the game, Rockstar has stated that the world of the single player campaign "will also form the basis for a brand new online multiplayer experience."

Considering the online world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is still growing and blooming 4 years after the first release of the game, this is an exciting prospect. We propose the cooperative missions that will carry robberies, races, gangs and making money neatly to the Wild West world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

PlayStation 4 players get early access to certain online content

Thanks to a partnership between PlayStation and Rockstar, owners of PlayStation 4 can access the online content of the game at an early stage. In a post on the official PlayStation Blog where the announcement was made it was not clear what the online content would be, but it was promised that more details would soon be announced.

Unlockable weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand theft Auto Online players get some interesting Red Dead Redemption 2 treats in the form of unlockable weapons. In December, an in-game e-mail was issued with an indication for the detection of the Double Action Revolver.

Once the revolver is purchased, a Headshot Challenge starts in Freemode which, when completed, gives players a $ 250,000 in-game prize and offers the possibility to unlock the revolver for use in Red Dead Redemption 2 when it is released in 2018.

Two redditors also found evidence of a new Stone Hatchet weapon in the patch code of GTA Online's recent nightclub update, as a reward for catching or killing five chosen in-game targets. If you get 25 kills with the weapon, it will also be unlocked in Red Dead Redemption 2 – and although the mission is not officially live, there is a way to activate it early, as shown in this video.

Art book

There is an entry for a book with the name The art of Red Dead Redemption 2 that has arisen at Amazon (and is quickly removed). The book is published by Random House and had a slated release from October, so it looks like it's an official product and the offer claims it's "a look behind the scenes of Rockstar Games and its intensely guarded approach to creating the opulent, Old West open-world gameplay ".


In September 2018 Rockstar unveiled character cards that introduced us to a selection of gang members that we encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2. Although there were some familiar faces, such as Dutch Van der Linde, there were also a few brand new characters that we have not met before.

We have completed the group so that you can take a look:

What we want to see from Red Dead Redemption 2

Given that the hard facts about the game are rather thin, speculation and rumors are understandably widespread, with the most base for guessing possible functions that come from the two trailers of the game.

It can be a prequel or a sequel

Red Dead Redemption 2 will have a brand new protagonist named Arthur Morgan that puts John Marston out of the picture.

It was the appearance of Red Dead Redemption antagonist, the Dutch Van der Linde, in the second trailer of this game, which made fans think that it might be a prequel. The Dutch look much younger and fresher in the trailer, which gives this pre-Red Dead Redemption theory credibility.

That said, others have pointed to some anachronistic background details from the trailer that question the prequel nature of the story. First there is a telephone that appears in an office scene of the trailer. This phone has a design that would be in use long after 1890. A train that appears later in the trailer, however, has been pointed out at a much earlier time than this.

Red Dead Redemption takes place largely in 1911, so all these details together suggest that Red Dead Redemption 2 could actually have a very long timeline that starts for John Marston's Red Dead Redemption and then plays at the same time, maybe with multiple characters in the main role.

However, it can also be a prequel that does not go too far back in time – it is also rumored that the game is played only 5 years before the previous game around 1906, which would be very logical.

Bows and arrows and two wielding weapons

In the second trailer of the game we see the protagonist Morgan with a bow and arrow and at the same time fire two revolvers. This suggests that combat mechanics has significantly improved compared to the previous game.

Bow and arrow were actually a weapon option in Red Dead Revolver before being mixed in Red Dead Redemption. Since then fans are shouting for their return and the trailer seems to show that this is happening.

On the water

You could not even swim in Red Dead Redemption, but a glimpse of a character on the open water in a kayak in the trailer for the sequel asks people whether you will be able to cross this water or maybe even swim. It would certainly ensure that a large game world is even bigger.

More animals than ever

The second trailers of the game show in undisputed terms that bears are back. But this time they are accompanied by crocodiles. This makes the surrounding game world more dangerous and although we like to see as many wild animals as possible, we are not looking forward to being surprised by a crocodile in a swamp.

Share the load

A character who walks past a mule stuffed with equipment, also has fans who wonder if it is possible to share your inventory with your steed. We imagine that this would work in a similar way to sharing your inventory with your partner in games such as Skyrim.

Could this be the card of the game?

Earlier this year, a map claiming to be the environment of the next Red Dead leaked onto NeoGAF.

The biggest takeoff moments of the tentative topography was a slight movement eastward from the arid plains of Red Dead Redemption, with more swampy locations, islands, and even a mention of a Bayou town called New Bordeaux – possibly a draw with the recently released, 2K- published Mafia III?

A source of insider information confirmed that the card was legitimate, adding that the game is planning to take place for the events of Red Dead Redemption.

However, it is still a leaked internet map, so controlled expectations are always a smart move.

Rockstar has revealed that the card of the game will be used as the basis for building an online multiplayer world similar to that of Grand Theft Auto 5, so that the incredible scale and varied landscape proposed by this card would be suitable for a online world.

Stay here for more Red Dead Redemption 2 news and rumors! We will report everything as and when it is revealed.

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