Red Dead Redemption 2 maker sells 17 million games in the first two weeks

Critics from around the world have praised the game for its compelling storyline, rich open world and stunning graphics, and many call it one of the best video games of all time.

IGN has praised the game for its beautiful view & # 39; of the Old West with & # 39; one of the best single player experiences of this generation & # 39; which is a carefully polished open world ode to the outlaw era.

Game Informer gave Red Dead Redemption II a perfect score of ten out of ten and said: "Rockstar Games has once again surpassed itself with Red Dead Redemption II.

The close-up of the unraveling of the Van der Linde band by the outlaw is a compelling companion story that connects seamlessly with the original game and the depth and breadth of the open world is a technical triumph that every gamer should experience . & # 39;

Electronic Gaming Monthly also praised the game because of its visuals, storyline and attention to detail, and said: & # 39; This is one of the most beautiful, seamless, most rootinest, most tootinest games ever made, and if you miss it voluntarily, are you not a gamer or a coma? & # 39;

Another very positive review came from the American Gamer, who is "absolutely beautiful open world." praised the few drawbacks in the game that occasionally were a creature and the somewhat boring journey through the game world.

Yet another positive review came from GameSpot, which is his & # 39; emotional, thought-provoking story & # 39; praised as well as the richly detailed game world, strong writing and exciting gameplay.

In addition, Forbes also offered a very positive review for Red Dead Redemption II, in which he, like many other reviewers, laughed at his fascinating open world and memorable gameplay.

One of the few laurel reviews of the video game came from Slant Magazine, who paid tribute to the game for his ambition and reach, but found relatively little depth in it.