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Red Bull as a one-man team? Horner disagrees with Perez – WhatsNew2Day


Not only since the era of Max Verstappen has Red Bull been suspected of aligning the entire team with just one driver. Back in 2010, back in Sebastian Vettel’s day, Mark Webber described himself as the “number 2 driver” for the Bulls.

Sergio Perez recently said he is now part of the team. But: “When I joined the team, it was completely different. Back then, they still raced with two cars because they also had a second car,” said the Mexican.

Or to put it another way: The cops only put his direct predecessors Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon in the car because you had to use two cars. In the meantime, Christian Horner has also been confronted with this statement.

Horner: Drivers should fix it on the track

The Red Bull team boss cannot understand this point of view and makes it clear: “Since we got into the sport in 2005, we have always competed with two cars. And we always want to have the two best possible drivers in the car.”

“As a team, it was always our goal to offer both drivers the best possible opportunities and the best possible equipment. And then it depends on what they do on the track,” said Horner, who has been at the pit wall with the Bulls since 2005.

This approach has always existed in the team, “whether it’s Max and Checo or Daniel [Ricciardo] and Max or Daniel and Seb [Vettel]Mark and Seb, or even earlier David Coulthard and Mark Webber,” stresses Horner.

Positive development at Perez

“That’s how we’ve always done it, and at the end of the day it’s what they do on the race track that counts,” the team boss clarifies and adds with regard to Perez’s development: “It’s great that Checo is doing such a great job right now .”

“In 2021 he got into the car after the COVID season and at the end of the cycle and he struggled with that car. Last year he was definitely more comfortable in the car and he got two of our 17 wins,” he recalls.

“He got off to a good start again this year,” said Horner. Perez has taken two podiums in the first three races, one win and is second in the World Championship behind Verstappen, 15 points adrift of the world champions.

Mark Webber would probably say: “Not bad for a number 2 driver…”

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