Recoverit Video Repair- Repair Corrupt Videos at your Comfort


Contemporarily, video files are being used for various functions, including entertainment, marketing and even learning. Advances in technology have contributed to the production of high-quality cameras that have significantly impacted the use and popularity of videos. However, at the time, these videos corrupt and fail to play. The upside is that the corrupted videos can be repaired using a free video repair software

Videos corrupt due to:

  • Operating system issues which cause the video to be corrupt while playing. 
  • In case of power loss during video transfer between two storages, for instance, from a computer to an external hard disk. 
  • Improper video formats during conversion. 

When you have damaged videos on your computer, you will need to have free video repair software. This software will recover the corrupted data for the video. However, on the internet, there are numerous free video repair programs, you must be able to select the best-corrupted video file repair software free download. 

How to effectively repair your corrupted video files:

Many free video repair software that is available online for free download are not effective in fixing corrupt video files comprehensively. Recoverit Video Repair has proven to be the best-corrupted video file repair software free download as it can repair video formats of all types and sizes. The software can comprehensively restore the multimedia content of corrupt video files and make them play again effectively.

Recoverit Video Repair is available online for free download. The software repairs all types of video files, including MOV, M4V, 3GP, WMV, MP4, F4V and ASF files. The program does fix the corrupt videos by rebuilding the frame, header, movement, duration and the sound of the damaged video. Moreover, Recoverit Video Repair repairs videos regardless of their storage that implies that it repairs videos stored in memory cards and hard drives. Additionally, Recoverit Video Repair, repairs and offers a preview of the fixed corrupt video in various supported video formats. 

To repair a corrupt video file in your computer, start by downloading and installing a free video repair tool the best being Recoverit Video Repair. After the download, launch the program on your computer. With the tool open, click “Add video and start repairing” this option allows you to add the corrupted video file you want to repair to the video repair software. On completing selecting the file to repair, click on “Repair” to initiate the repair process and give it some time. The files will be repaired and the software will provide an option to preview the repaired file and save it to the location of your choice. 

Furthermore, free video repair software tools work with all codecs while others do not. Various video players also can be used to repair corrupt video files. They are:

VLC Media Player

This is an international media player that plays multiple file formats. VLC is not only a video player apart from playing videos; it can be used to repair the corrupted ones. VLC can be used to repair damaged video files in the formats of QTRM, AVI, MP4 and MOV. You can repair corrupt video files using VLC through the following procedure:

  • Open and run VLC Media Player, go to tools, and then hit preferences from a menu that pops up. 
  • On the window that pops up, click on inputs/codecs. 
  • Scroll down and select a damaged file, then click on always fix. 
  • Click to save the preferences, and your video will be fixed. 


In case your corrupt video file fails repair by the VLC Media Player, for instance, AVI file format, you can use DiVFix++. This a video repair software with an easy interface and simple to use. All you need to do is to download video repair software full version free download, install and then launch the program. You will then need to load the corrupted file into the program by clicking on add files. After this, you will need to uncheck or check the relative output folder and file to give the program permission to present the fixed video file as a separate one from the original file and then select the folder in which you need the repaired file to be saved. Click on the fix button and the repair process will be initiated. Your file will be repaired and saved in the folder you selected. 

MP4 Video Recovery Tool

This is a free mp4 repair software that is designed for use in the windows operating system. The software repairs can be used to repair corrupt video files that are in the format of MP4. To effectively use the program, you will need a Java Runtime Environment. You can repair your MP4 file using the software by running the software and clicking select corrupt video file, choose working video and then pressing clicking my file tab and the repair process initiate automatically. A prompt will ask you to select a folder to save your repaired video file.