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Recording 8K videos on the Galaxy S20 requires 600 MB per minute

According to Samsung, 8K recordings recorded on the Samsung Galaxy S20 take approximately 600MB per minute, which means that storage can quickly become a problem if you want to record video with the highest possible resolution.

The amount of storage you need is not the only restriction that applies to recording 8K video on the phone. The maximum recording time is also limited to five minutes, according to SamMobileand you can also only record video at 24 fps, without being able to record at higher frame rates such as 60 fps or even 30 fps.

Storage is less worrying if you opt for the Galaxy S20 Ultra with the highest capacity. The handset is available with a maximum of 512 GB of internal memory and supports a maximum of 1 TB of microSD cards, giving you a maximum total combined storage of 1.5 TB. All of this will no longer be available for media once you’ve signed up for apps and the phone’s operating system, but it should be enough for a few dozen hours of 8K footage.

Samsung of course claims that there are still good reasons for wanting to film in 8K. The high resolution means that you can take photos of 33 megapixels directly from a video, which means that it could be possible to take useful photos of images that were originally recorded as video. However, there are currently few places where you can play back your 8K images at their original resolution, since 8K TVs are only just coming onto the market.

The big question is how good are the camera sensors from Samsung in capturing 8K images in the first place. For that we will have to wait to spend more time with the phones as part of our full assessment.