Children are the future. We need to take of them and give them the maximum opportunities to succeed. It means that their health is vitality important if they want to live a prosperous and happy life. Their physical health, mental health and dental health are equally vulnerable at a young age, and they should be checked and taken care. That is why health check-ups are necessary to find any unknown health problems and to provide adequate medication to cure them. Regular health check-ups benefit the overall health of a child. It is by regular checks that doctors can identify the health problems of the children. Many health problems of a child can be found out and cured before it becomes a major health problem that the child will have to carry with him into adult life. By eating healthy foods that contain the five essential nutrients, regular health screenings and regular physical activity, you can help children live a happy, healthy and prosperous life. It will also help them in learning and grasping the concept of healthy living lifestyle that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. There are some cases where you cannot go to visit the doctor in these cases, and a home doctor visit is a good option.

Here are the reasons why regular health check-ups in schools are necessary


Your child’s blood pressure should be checked regularly. Children should not have high or low blood pressure. They should have normal blood pressure. High blood pressure in children may be a result of illness, and he or she may need medical attention. A child’s blood pressure should be measured regularly after reaching the age of three years old. The normal blood pressure of a child should be in the range of 120 to 70 mmHg depending upon age. Abnormal blood pressure caused because of a sickness which needs to treat because if left untreated, it can have life-threatening consequences.


Another why regular health check-ups in schools are important is to check the eyesight of children. Eyesight can become weak over time, and children need it to check because vision is important in learning. Vision can cause serious problems in the education of your child, and his or her grades may fall. It is important to ask your children when they have been getting bad grades. Also, notice if their eyes are turning inwards or outwards. If your child complains about headaches, then it may also be because of distorted vision, and he or she may need glasses. If your child complains about not being able to see the board, then his vision may be blurred. In all of these cases, children need to get their eyes checked, and school check-ups can do that. It will help children in their early age to get used to wearing glasses. Vision is important in studies, and regularly it is checked the better. 


The hearing capabilities of the children is also important in their education. That is why it needs to be checked regularly at schools to make sure that their hearing is fine and does not have any problem with it. In school, hearing is an important aspect. Children’s ability to communicate depends upon their hearing. Without hearing, they cannot follow the instructions of the teachers and cannot follow what the teacher is trying to teach. Regular health check-ups at school can help in detecting hearing problems of children. If your child responds poorly to noise or voice, then he or she may have a hearing problem. If they have slow language and speech, then the child might have a hearing problem. Also, if your child listens to music on earphones very loudly on very high volume, then they may develop a hearing problem, so try not to give children earphones or make sure to check the volume.


During holidays children get exposed to many diseases as they move around and have fun. They might not know they have a disease that is why check-ups are important as they can stop the spreading of the disease to other children. Diseases like coronavirus spread by human interaction, and it is better to detect them early before their symptoms become prominent. These viruses can spread like wildfire and can even take a child’s life. So it is important to have regular check-ups at schools. It can make sure that diseases do not spread by early detection and prevention. By check-up, you can also know that if children have certain conditions like asthma that prevent them from certain physical activities. In this way, you will come to terms with the medical conditions of the children and then can assign tasks according to their capabilities and which do not pose a threat to their life.


The weight and height check is an important indicator of the growth of the child. The body mass index tells what the weight and height of the child at a particular age should be. A child that undergrown with lower weight and less height maybe has a nutritional deficiency. The child’s parents should concentrate on his or her diet. He should take food that has proteins, vitamins, calcium and carbohydrates that can contribute to the development of the child. If the child is overweight or obese, then he or she needs to lose weight as being overweight can cause health problems. An overweight child can have trouble breathing and might have cholesterol problems. The physical education of the child is equally as important as the mental education. Weight and height give us an indication of how they are doing in that aspect.


The check-ups should be done regularly in schools to help the children combat illness and other problems which they might have. If not checked, then children can face difficulty in school, which in turn may affect their education and grades. Checkups can identify if they have vision or hearing problems. If they have developed a problem with their eyesight, then they will need contact lenses or glasses.

Similarly if they have a hearing problem, then they would need a hearing aid. Checkups can also prevent the spreading of diseases among children. It can also help in learning about the growth of children in the school. So, for this reason, a check-up is important and should be done regularly.