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Reasons To Screen Your Employees For Health Issues

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Health screenings can look a little threatening in a job, especially if you are a new hire. Still, they are present to determine whether an employee can perform his job responsibilities well. Health screenings are essential for everyone in the company – following the COVID-19 pandemic, it just helps employees work in a safe environment for maximum productivity. It is necessary to know that legalities present in a company are just there for the employees’ sake. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized eight key hazard factors easily catchable in a candidate through health screening, such as substance abuse, heart problems, alcoholism, obesity, blood pressure, and similar issues. A more effective workforce is self-motivated, creative, energized, and happy.

Here’s why you should check potential employees for health problems before hiring them, along with checking current employees, to maintain a secure workplace.

These health screenings are a part of every corporate wellness program.


Health screenings by organizations help employees detect several illnesses they may not know of before. Regular health checkups help detect diseases at early stages so one can work to prevent them from worsening. Employees are taught to take care of themselves and know the benefits of routine checks. Their health screening in the business is nothing to feel threatened about. 

Suppose your employees have ever worked in an environment where asbestos was present. In that case, they are highly likely to have mesothelioma. Websites such as mesotheliomahope.com can help you take all necessary steps to gain information and move forward with a diagnosis.

What exactly is health screening for employment?

Firstly, you need to understand what health screening is and what it involves. It is a medical test completed by an employee – on demand of the organization or employer. The health screening can occur during the hiring process or after you have freshly decided to join in. The type of your health screening depends on your employer, the specifications of your job, and your geographical location. A health screening may require you to provide your medical records or may need you to visit a doctor. The doctor will next carry out any tests you are required to have in a clinic or hospital. Screening can be of the following types along with several others:

  1. Physical test: Includes taking the employee’s temperature, weight, pulse, blood pressure, and other potential vital indicators.
  2. Psychological tests: More and more organizations are making aptitude and personality tests a part of their hiring process. It gives them a better insight into whether an employee will best fit the role or not according to your work style and capabilities. Other psychological tests conducted by therapists or psychologists may include questions about emotional well-being, struggle with any mental illness, anxiety, etc.
  3. Drug tests: These tests cannot be avoided because they are required by some businesses and depend on your position within the company. One of them is using saliva, sweat, hair, or urine samples to check for drug use in the body.
  4. Heart health test: Your heart health can be tested separately from the routine checkup to check your heart condition, cholesterol, and blood pressure.
  5. Routine checkup: Doctors conduct this for overall physical health, checking your vision, hearing, reflexes, and other general health-related issues

Improved Productivity

Health screenings can often lead to employees feeling better and more aware of themselves. Empowering employees with health screening boosts work morale, improves productivity, and reduces absenteeism alongside working harder.

Various companies that provide pre-employment health screenings know how vital the process is in selecting the most suitable candidate for the specified role. Having a healthy workforce contributes significantly to the growth of a company.

Improved Mental Health

Most often, while working, you may not be able to find the time to go for regular checkups at the hospital. Providing health screening before the job or on the job can help save time for the employees alongside helping them realize how fit they are, ending their worries about themselves. As a result, this increases job satisfaction for the employee, leading to more efficiency in the workplace.

Lowered Health risks

Employees must be present in the office five days a week along with several other employees in the same building. During COVID-19, regular covid screenings were necessary to ensure one employee didn’t pass the virus onto another employee. The same goes for any other contagious illnesses an employee may have. Health screenings help reassure employees as well as create a safe workplace environment for them to work.

Building Trust

Regular health screening can reinforce the idea that the company is concerned and care about the employees, enabling them to feel they can trust the employer. This process improves employee retention, builds loyalty, and encourages engagement.


In conclusion, there are several benefits to getting your employee’s health screened before joining in with you and doing regular screening tests. It helps to ensure a safe environment in the company for everyone to work. Pre-employment screenings ensure your employees will be the best fit for their assigned roles. Additionally, you can gauge how much medical bill they can incur – it’s a win-win.

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